Redbridge Beer

In the comments on my recent post on Chocovine Raspberry wine, the topic of gluten free beer came up. Now I had never heard of such a thing until recently. My wife is working on maintaining a “gluten free” diet. This is opening up a new adventure in our eating selections and the house hold diet in general. One of the items which was no longer on her list of things to enjoy from time to time was beer. Wheat and various forms of malt being the primary ingredients in the frothy beverage, took it right off the adult beverage menu.

Imagine our delight when we found the following on our last trip to the big city.

Went ahead and gave one a try last night. It was not too bad. Sourgum based vice wheat so the taste was not the same, but considering it is a lager style “beer”, it was not all that bad. And is much better then no beer at all. We will let ya’ll know if we try any other gluten free beers, and how they compair to this one.

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