“The religion of blood and war.”

There are any number of voices, out there in the void we call the internet, “virtual Paul Revers”, verbally riding into the electronic night warning of the Islamic enemy. “Arise! Arise!! Before it’s too late.” You are being duped by a complicit media, a spineless government, bumbling bureaucracy, and leadership which has it’s own agenda (Caring little about defending the culture, the national identity, or the people at large.). All are passionate about this, and all recognize (at least to varying degrees) a very real threat exists.

But where we are perhaps only dealing with what appears to be a some what more benign strain of the Muslim malignancy (the willful destruction of the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and the potential third target which was spared due to passengers courageous actions in thwarting same, being the noted exceptions, at least for now); the people and culture(s) of Europe … the very cradle of Western civilization … are under constant and direct attack. One could argue this is a mess of their own making and design. That the signs were clearly marked for all to see had they paid attention. Much as Churchill (who is quoted in the title of this commentary) was a clarion call to appeasement being ineffective against the menace of the Third Reich, only gaining appreciation and acceptance when the Nazi wolf was literally at their door, they now are at (some might argue, beyond) the same point with the Islamists.

And this time there is no Churchill.

But there are those who are talented, passionate, and resolute enough in painting as clear and concise a picture of the threat. Showing this cultural cancer called Islam for what it really is, and not subscribing to the fictions being presented in its name.

Head over to Gates of Vienna (a worthwhile trip any day), and take a few moments to read the eloquent, but no holds barred account presented there. This needs to get out and about. Weston is saying what needs to be said and heard. My only concern is that it may already be too late. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

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