TSA’s new theme song?

By now everyone is aware of the mischief, madness, and mayhem perpetrated by the TSA on the public who chose, or out of necessity have to use, air travel to get from point A to point B. Scanning which leaves little, if anything, to the imagination, or pseudo-professional physical searches of ones person, leaving no external area untouched.

Any attempt at even suggesting to the powers that be, there are better ways of arriving at a more secure state of being of our aircraft prior to take off, are willfully ignored. Recognizing and or acknowledging the catalyst behind the threat (Which would be Islam, for those who can’t or refuse to deal with the reality and fact of the matter.) along with instituting some form of profiling, would be a relatively simple and cheap “solution”. Or they could literally copy the measures used quite successfully by the Israelis. This might cost a few more bucks than profiling and such, but they have not had any major problems, perhaps the Israelis know what they are doing.

No, the asshats at TSA can not be bothered with something which might not only work, but would enhance their professionalism and in doing so perhaps improve their image (both to the public and other agencies/”real” LEOs). They would, instead, prefer to be video voyeurs, or cop-a-feel rent-a-cops. So in light of their seeming dedication in lowering their standards of professionalism, civility, and courtesy toward the very people who happen to be the ones who provide their paychecks (let alone their whole departments funding), I have found the perfect song.

It asks a question which I am sure they will be asking all you lucky frequent fliers out there, should you be fortunate enough to be subject to their video or groping pleasure, if not now, than in the very near future. After all, how else are they going to know if you are “comfortable” with having explosives or some other potentially dangerous device(s) parked in your lower colon?

Ladies and gents I give you the new TSA “Screener’s Anthem”


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12 responses to “TSA’s new theme song?

  1. Sen. Claire McCaskill referred to getting groped as “love pats”.

    I got groped while in Orlando although the guy was trying real hard to not be superinvasive about it.

    If anyone tries giving my wife or kids a “love pat” they’re gonna get a love tap that will leave them wondering if they’ll ever eat solid food again.

    This new “security” state we’re living in is just not the proper way to honor those who have sacrificed so much for our liberties/freedoms.

    Someone somewhere in the last day or so mentioned that Israelis were working on a solution that would explode anything that needed exploding whenever it came into proximity – now wouldn’t that be a trick worth having? Mr. Terrorist comes bipping along, “la-te-da,” and thinks “I’m going to blow me up some infidels!” and skips through the checkpoint only to have the 17 Courics (a unit of measurement in South Park) worth of RDX in his lower alimentary canal redistribute his entire body mass over an area the size and shape of Rhode Island.

    That’s a thought to keep one warm at night.

    • I remember that South Park , wasn’t that a measure of fecal matter (piled higher and deeper)?
      As far as the Israelis having am explosives detector (and I think that was at Roger: the Real King of France’s site C&S) I would like to believe they have come up with something like that, but imagine it is little more than fantasy.

      Don’t have to worry about the kids, as they are old enough to make their own choices, and not worried about the wife, she will kick ass and take names, if they try anything hinky with her.

      As for me, if I would have to do it at all, I will go with the scan and be done with it. If some TSA type wants to point and laugh at my junk, so be it. Isn’t going to ruin my day. Where I have a real problem with this, is the whole situation in the first place. As mentioned above, there are better ways of attempting to deal with the Islamists. And even profiling will become not as effective, once more and more whites and others out side of the middle east become part of that cancer.

      Best thing to do is find a way to eradicate Islam, or at least get it to change (if such a thing is possible). Most likely we will have to fight a major war somewhere in order to shrink it to some manageable level, and then keep it there until it can no longe pose a threat. (But figure the odds of that happening any time soon.)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The Couric was short for a Katie Couric and was a mass measurement for fecal matter. The conversion: 1 kC = 2.5 lbs

    The trick to detonating something that is detonate-able is to give it the proper kick. If you are able to apply some amount of energy over some value in a very short period of time then you can get the substance to initiate a chain reaction. The easiest example is a blasting cap or detonator to dynamite or whatever HE you choose – RDX, C4, PETN.

    I’ve often wondered if you could deliver an impulse fast enough and with just enough energy – but overall total energy very low, just like in an ultrafast laser – could you initiate a detonation? The per-pulse total amount of energy is very low in such lasers, but the peak power can be incredibly high.

    First thing that comes to mind is solitons. Solitons fill a lot of requirements for useful pulses, one of which is the ability to self-maintain it’s shape, and I have this feeling that if work is being done in these areas, this is where you’d concentrate. The Israelis as a culture have a great deal of my respect – they are tenacious and no-bullshit folks as a general rule, and they are intensely interested in finding solutions to these problems. Keep an eye out – if anyone does solve that problem, it’ll be them.

  3. Considering the ratio of scientists/technicians/and others who hold advanced degrees per total population of their country, I would not be at all surprised if the Israelis lead the way (if not out and out found a number of solutions to) solving this concern.

    On a side note, that is one country that if and when I ever get the monies to do so, I will be planning to visit.

  4. Hey Bud! I wondered what happened to the Harbor. Good to see you’re still in business.


    • Stil here. Had to go the “free wordpress” route, but have not left the interwebs yet. We shall see what happens between now and January 20, 2013.

      And thanks for stopping by!

  5. O…M…G…


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  7. cmblake6

    And I, *ahem*, borrowed it. With proper accreditation, of course.

    • Any time my friend! And check out their website here. It should already be understood these folks are at least liberal in their social out look, if not their political stance. But lyrics that like something Zappa might have written if he was on viagra and acid at the same time.

  8. Hey, FYI, I requested friendship on FB 😉

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