Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, and other odds and ends.

I was going to post about this with lots of footnotes. It was going to be well researched and documented. But my heart just wasn’t in it. Yes Julian is scum of the earth, a muckraker who revels in creating hate and discontent. Who seemingly cares for little else other than “putting it to the man” and collateral damaged be damned. And that seems to be what bothers me most about him. At the end of the day it is not going to be the senior people in any of the organizations, agencies, or governments, who fall due to his release of classified documents. The ones who have the greatest potential of being at risk for any of this, are going to be the “grunts”. The lowest runged at the Department of State (or those who are at embassies away from the “mother ship” at DC), those foreign nationals who interacted with either the State Department, or other “alphabet agencies/agents”, who are now at risk of being found out or exposed. And despite what folks at the Department of Defense or the Pentagon say, perhaps even some of the troops on the ground. Will the information “leaked” directly place any in harm’s way, probably not (as evidenced by what has thus far been made public). Might it set the stage for something to happen, or provide incentive to those who are actively engaged against us to push harder in their attacks? I would have to think “yes” is the answer. And if so, then at least indirectly, Julian’s actions put at least some of the (potential) blood on his hands.

Having said all this, should we be bringing him up on charges? As I understand it he has not broken any laws that warrant our active pursuit of him. He is not an American citizen, so treason does not apply. He did not actively “steal” the documents in question. So it would seem at least for now, legally he is in the clear. (And please, let’s just ignore the trumped up “rape charges” for now. That is a smoke and mirror show or punch and Judy show I am not sure which. Grasping at condoms err straws is more like it.)

BUT the man is a moral reprobate, his ethics stink, if tried based on the content of his character, he would at best be imprisoned for life, and at worst, be (and should be) lined up against the wall for the firing squad of morality, so they can take their best shot.

Which brings us to what in my mind is the more important concern.

What, if anything, is being done to those who “leaked” this classified or sensitive information to Assange? For all the screaming about “traitor” and “treason”, these are the individuals who should be caught, charged, prosecuted, sentenced, and have said sentence carried out with all due haste. It does not matter if they are disgruntled military (as is the supposed case with one individual), or some other federal employee(s). Yet we hear little, if anything, about this side of the story. You want hangings, firing squads, or any other method of sending one to their maker, these are the folks who are most deserving. Assange is, at the end of the day, nothing more then a mouthpiece, (potential) convenient scapegoat, and possible martyr. And though he willingly set himself up for the first two, he is not deserving of martyrdom.

Oh, and one final note on all this. Am I the only one who sees the irony of the following?

Wikileaks confirms WMD’s existed in Iraq. Yet, this is the first person who should fall, due to traitorous actions of those who provided the information, and a government who has been notoriously slow in responding (if at all) to this event? From the President on down, it has been nothing but damage control, and spin. What were our intelligence agencies doing in tracking this before it blew up. And if they knew, why wasn’t something done before the fecal matter hit the oscillating air moving device?

More as the mood strikes, and my memory of what else I wanted to post about comes bubbling back to the surface.



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6 responses to “Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, and other odds and ends.

  1. There was this kid in my sixth grade class who had a pretty dysfunctional family – they even made mine look reasonably normal. Anyway, we’ll change his name… we’ll call him… Mobbie. Mobbie was one of those people who has a lot of flatulence. Even when vilified he reveled in the attention he got when he cut loose at just the right time or knew that he’d be dropping a stink bomb (silent but deadly). It was pretty bad. Thing is, getting off on the animated reactions of people in response to your behavior makes sense and is understandable – if you’re only twelve.

    But as an adult, dropping not farts but classified documents which at the very least increase tensions in an already tense world, and some go on to do real damage to real people… As an adult, someone should blow the sick fuck out of his socks.

    The people that supply him with classified documents got there by being given responsibility – some took oaths, some got background checked 15 years back, some do polygraph tests – and what do they do? They decide that something is wrong and break the law and their oaths/promises. Personally, I think the world has no place for a whistleblower. Keep it internal, go up the chain of command, and if you conscience bugs you that much if nothing changes… then for heaven’s sake JUST QUIT.

    Man up. Have some honor. Exercise some restraint. Cultivate some integrity. Become a man or woman of character.

    Sorry to babble so much but the whole idea of leaking classified data just infuriates me. If you can’t live with honor in a sensitive position then step aside for someone who does have what it takes.

  2. Hey, believe me I know where you are coming from having dealt with material of a sensitive nature from time to time. (And the Oath … talked about here more than once.) Feel free to babble all you want! And great analogy, wish I would have thought of it. That is the gist of it, though what he did (apparently) broke no laws, he has bent the spirit of societal law all to hell, and at the very least should be stuffed in a locker and pantsed.

    The one thing I would make an exception for as far as “whistle blowing” goes, if such action is morally required because NOT to do so would result in needless death and or injury of military or civilians (not talking about dropping bombs, but willful neglect and or the like) ….still what ever the case, you MUST go through your respective chain of command and any other proper channels available or expect to pay the price for your actions.

  3. I can agree with your exception – with emphasis on going through the chain of command. If command isn’t responding and it’s still a very real problem, well… I guess you gotta do what you gotta do and if it means you have to speak up to save people and then take your lumps (punishment)… nobody said life was easy and no one promised it’d be a rose garden. Sometimes life even goes so far as to be unfair.

    Why don’t they teach that lesson in school and at home anymore? (rhetorical question)

    But the WikiLeaks guy…? Hell, he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about people. He’s doing it for himself.

  4. Yep, he is doing it for himself, is right on the money. Don’t know if it was for the fame, glory, (money??) his ego, or all the above…and don’t care. Scum is scum.

  5. I agree with both of you about the whistleblowing, in that if something is going horribly wrong and the chain of command is either unresponsive or part of the problem, that one needs to blow the whistle to an outside authority. However, that does not mean leaking information to the press or a blogger or anything of the sort. It means blowing the whistle to the appropriate agency that has oversight of the matter. If there’s a problem within the Intelligence community, then one needs to report to the Congressional Committee on Intelligence, or some such. You still keep the problem in house, so to speak, just in a larger section of the house.

    I was part of the Intelligence community, a mere grunt, but still a part, and I can attest to the fact that rules occasionally get bent and sometimes broken. It’s a fact of life, get used to it. It’s a messy world out there, things are seldom clearcut and easy, and all too often, decisions have to be made fast without any chance of reaching a consensus about what to do with any other person or committee, and one simply has to do the best he can. In many cases, no matter what one does, there will doubtlessly be someone who will find fault with the choice(s) made.

    I do think there needs to be a channel for people to report real wrongdoing, without fear of reprisal, BUT…..I also think there are too many people who:

    1. Have to raise a stink about every little thing that doesn’t fit into their perfect little cookie-cutter vision of the world. These people are truly pains in the ass and would be pains no matter what job they are in. This is the person who saw you print off a one page personal document on the company printer, and feel it needs to be reported to the executives. While I do agree that it constitutes theft, as you’re using resources that aren’t meant to be used for personal uses, it hardly warrants a federal case. Far better to approach the person yourself and let him know that you feel he should not use company resources in that manner.

    2. People who are unrealistic pollyannas who really can’t handle real life.

    3. Backstabbers who are constantly on the prowl for someone they can stick it to, either for their own aggrandizement, or because they feel that getting rid of someone else will further their own careers.

  6. Great Caesar’s Ghost! I love it when my post generates intelligent commentary! Thank you all for the valid input. Now, has anyone heard if anything has been (or is going to be) done with the individual(s) who leaked all this information int the first place? Those are the real traitors here.

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