A Very Foamy Christmas

Felt the urge to do a compare and contrast between the “religion of peace” ™ ©  and what increasingly seems to be everyones favorite whipping boy, Christianity.  But my heart was not in it.  At this point one has to almost assume you either know in your heart, soul, and mind, which is far more deserving of humanities scorn.  And if you haven’t figured it out by now, no amount of reason, logic, and offerings of evidance is going to change your continued residency in a fantasy world of your own making… mind.

Soooo perhaps a bit of levity is what is really called for..  And who better to provide same but that lover of “creamy, creamy cheesecake, (and bagels)”.  Furry philosopher extraordinaire,   Foamy, the squirrel!!

And  for those who didn’t quite get it from the first one.  Here is another a bit more strident in his verve, but right on the money.  Enjoy!!

Oh what the hell!  Let’s make it a hat trick!



Filed under Humor, Scribbles, The Care and Feeding of Progressives

4 responses to “A Very Foamy Christmas

  1. Creamycreamycream cheese…

    • I first “found” Foamy about 4 years ago. The little rascal keeps popping back up from time to time, just as pithy as ever. You think he would have stopped by, we have lots of cream cheese, and bagels are just down the road waiting to be picked up.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Love Foamy! And Germaine is HOT!

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