“A Rose by any other name …

would still smell as sweet.” Or so said old Will Shakespeare. But names, specifically names which are used in trying to accurately describe (or portray) an individual or group, demand clarity and singular purpose. For example, when you hear of someone being called a WASP, you do not think of the stinging insect, you draw a mental picture of some pasty faced white boy (or girl), of English origin, who is CHristian, but never Catholic … a White Anglo-Saxon Protestent. Though some times used in a derogatory fashion (by those who are NOT WASPs, amazingly enough), none the less, it helps to define a subsection of the human cultural/ethnic pool.

Pascal, has come to the conclusion that the acronym used to label “errant Republicans” (or “Dems in elephant clothing”, if you will), RINO, is not an accurate enough descriptor for those who undermine (in this case) the Republican Party, and conservatism in general. To this end, Pascal is holding a contest, to find a better acronym with which to describe these particular political parasites.

Head on over, and give it your best shot. And to make things even sweeter, he is offering a cash prize for the winning selection. Talk about a fine example of the free market in action.



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4 responses to ““A Rose by any other name …

  1. Thanks for the boost Guy. I’ve already used your entry using the meaning Statist Knowingly Undermining the Nation’s Constitution. I don’t want to stop the entries yet, but you’re definitely in the lead at this point.

  2. I hope you don’t stop em, if nothing else, maybe my two cents will spur someone else to even greater verbal heights. And thanks for dropping by!!

  3. How about DIABLO? Democrats In All But Label, Only.

  4. I like it. Wonder how many progressives might turn that around, as they don’t have as negative a connotation of the devil (being humanists or out and out non-believers). They could promote “sympathy for the devil”, so to speak, and at least to a limited extent, defuse the negative connotation, perhaps even turning it into a positive.

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