Da Doo Rahm Rahm, Da Doo.*

First he decided to run. Then there was the objection, he was ineligible due to not meeting residency restrictions. He won his case to remain in the race, at the election board level, but was shot down at the State Appellate Court. Just a day or so ago, the Illinois State Supreme Court, stayed the Appellate Court decision, demanding Emanuel’s name be placed on all ballots, pending their final decision. And today we have The Chicago Tribune reporting

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled today that Rahm Emanuel can stay on the ballot for mayor of Chicago, saying in a unanimous decision that he meets the state’s residency requirements despite spending most of the last year as White House chief of staff.

Sadly, this does not surprise me in the least. Any vestiges of adhering to the rule of law, especially regarding elections and the running of same, has long ago vanished from “the land of Lincoln and Reagan”. Just one more reason to pack up and leave this place as soon as it is possible to do so. If there isn’t full-blown anarchy in the streets with in the next 5-10 years (if not sooner), I will be very much surprised.

*as in what we have to deal with every election cycle, here in the People’s Republik of Illinois … political doggie doo.



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3 responses to “Da Doo Rahm Rahm, Da Doo.*

  1. og

    Come to Indiana, my brother. Cheap, nice homes for less money, low taxes, government in the black.

    • We have familial responsibilities which demand we reside here in the hinterlands, for at least the foreseeable future. Indiana seems to be a fine State, and appears to offer much in the way of adherence to at least a large chunk of the Constitution. It’s the States on your Eastern, Western, and Northern borders which give me concern for all the good folks who reside there. Especially those who are in the “collar counties” on the northern end of Indiana. Lots of trash from the Chicago metro area will be wondering down toward Indiana to see what “mischief” they can make, and how much can be removed from her citizens.

      We have that concern out our was as well. Though we are aprox 100 miles west of the “City of slumped shoulders”, and I expect those who would try to exploite all the country folk out here, will try to head in this direction. But Rockford, also has its share of bottom feeders, and as they are much closer, are the more immediate threat. Not worried about food or water, we have the ability to derive both from the river, and a carefully tended garden (already in the works) will yield a fair amount of sustenance.

      I have little doubt a person with your skill set(s) , resources, and abilities will stand a better than average chance of making it through whatever comes next. With any luck (hell, with a lot of luck) so will we.

      But you never know what tomorrow will bring, and who knows, you might just see Deb and me at some future point in time.


    Well, at least consider it!!

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