Is Madison Burning?

There is trouble brewing north of the “cheddar curtain”. It seems Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, in taking steps to trim his states hemorrhaging budget, has taken the states employee unions head on. And the unions rank and file have responded with picketing, “strikes”, and other assorted items from their all too predictable bag of tricks.

Drudge has been following this with a massive amount of linkage on the top right of his site. As has Rush, Althouse, and several other prominent bloggers.

Even the Chicago Thug residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, has mumbled about the goings on. One imagines he is concerned about his base being directly effected by their pending loss of benefits. (And if Governor Walker has the set of stones he seems to have, their continued tenure on the state/local payrolls.)

Oh, and if anyone has seen any Wisconsin State Democrat Senators with in the past few hours, would you let the Senate Majority Leader know where they are (or any Wisconsin LEOs)? It seems they have taken a page out of the Texas State Dems handbook. If nothing else, perhaps we could put their faces on the sides of Wisconsin (and perhaps Illinois) milk cartons.


Oh fer crying out loud:

WIFR, Gateway Pundit, and a host of others, are reporting that the wayward State Senators from Wisconsin were found to have arrived at the third … err fourth … sheesh, fifth largest metropolis in the Great State of Illinois ™ , Rockford. At the Best Western of choice here abouts, the “Clock Tower Resort”
Perhaps after a busy day of dodging their political/civic responsibilities, north of the “cheddar curtain”, they needed some quality time. Maybe downing a beer, or six at the local watering hole in the resort, the Titted errr … TILTED Kilt. Or maybe they, being the progressive Dems that they are, chose to indulge in some water sportsfrolicking at the Clock Tower’s water resort, Coco Keys.

Darn! It seems the local Tea Party folks have chased the errent Senators out of Rockford. Where will they end up next?


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3 responses to “Is Madison Burning?

  1. cmblake6

    Quite the amusing collection! Perhaps they could be…oh, I don’t know…arrested for going AWOL?

  2. Actually, per Wisconsin law, they have committed a class -1 felony. Whether or not the Wisconsin LEO’s /State Police, act on this remains to be seen at this point in time.

  3. Even neglecting the issue of legality, what a %*%&^(*# bunch of @*^&$ leftard pussies who can’t even $*^&@(*$ without $^%&@!* something up.

    I’m not amused by people who pick up their ball and go home when the rules aren’t in their favor but are perfectly happy when they are.

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