Obama channels his “inner Bush”

Commented over at Cmblakes about this. Specifically about the 112 cruse missile “turkey shoot” with the UK and France also providing air support. (At least until we can get some of our assets into the theater.) The latest screech on the LSM is Obama claims this “adventure” will only last a matter of weeks, and not months or years.

Besides the launching of this misadvised, misleading, and woefully miscalculated misadventure, on the same day, eight years apart, from President Bush’s foray in Iraq, I seem to recall the last occupant of the oval office who used cruse missiles with such mad abandon, was shown the effectiveness of same, and that was minimal at best. Cruse missiles and or air support alone will not get the job done. You are going to need boots on the ground, and strong logistic support. Neither of these things are available with our current manning levels among other things.

The other thing to consider, Saddam was a despot, a dictator, and as evil as they come. Still, he may have been ego centric as all get out, but I don’t think the man was out-and-out crazy. Quddaffy (intentional) on the other hand, is all the above, and at least one sandwich shy of a full picnic. He has already vowed to bring the “battle” to those who have sponsored this bit of muscle flexing. Whither he has his own forces do so (unlikely) or finances other agents or agencies (very possible) is a very real possibility.

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One response to “Obama channels his “inner Bush”

  1. Yeah, Qaddafi is nuts.

    I remember an article, written back in about 1985, where the author referred to the Libyan dictator as “Qaddafi Duck”. Fitting name for such an outlandish nutjob.

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