Let the superficial drop away.

It’s late April. Trees and bushes are budding, the song birds have returned, the battle between remnants of Winter’s icy cold grasp and the future welcome warmth of Summer plays out in violent fashion throughout the middle and southern sections of the country. From Texas to Missouri, Georgia to Virginia, the annual cyclonic choreography has been particularly violent and more frequent than in past years. Some might say it is a sign from on high, that we are collectively being held accountable for our transgressions. It is my contention this is just another wrinkle in the scheme of things. Some years there will be little activity, others will play out much like they are now, and most will be somewhere between. The real sign of Gods presence will be in how folks react toward each other in resolving and repairing their lives and communities. Shared tragedy/calamity tends to bring out the best (and sadly, sometimes the worst) in people. The superficial falls away, while that which is truly important remains.

There has been an ongoing debate about whether President Obama was born in this country. And by extension, where both of his parents American citizens. IF either of these questions ended up being “No”, would Obama be Constitutionally eligible to hold the office he currently occupies.

The past few Presidential election cycles (since Clinton was elected to his second term, to the present) have seen the American people become more and more divided. Liberal/Conservative, Small Government/Statist, Free Enterprise/Socialist/Communist, Rich/Poor (with a shrinking middle class), Christian/Muslim/Atheist/Humanist, Gay/Straight … we are very close to no longer being a nation wed to the idea of “E pluribus unum” (out of many, one), but one of a byzantine maze of groups, people, cultures, creeds, asserting each is unique and thus must be heard at the expense of the others. Forgetting “When all are special, no one is.”.

And all the while Rome is burning, and she is, we worry about our President being eligible, not quite grasping the fact, had the powers that be done their due diligence in allowing him (and others) to run in the first place, this would never have been a concern.

And all the while there are barbarians at the gate, had we been a united people acting in concert against the common enemy, the threat from the Middle East (and elsewhere), would not be what it is today.

And all the while freedoms and liberties are willfully traded to the “State” for a (false) sense of security, we see our nation dissolving before our eyes. Borders becoming meaningless. Individual responsibility (and the means to enforce or act upon or with same being limited or removed from us) and accountability becoming moot points.

And all the while new laws are enacted, new (to this nation) layers of law are allowed to over ride our own, from a malignant pseudo-religion to a corrupt United Nations, we fail to see our own bench mark no longer being honored, respected, or enforced by those who have sworn to do that very thing.

It no longer matters where Obama was born (if that ever mattered at all). It no longer matters if he is of dual citizenship (and he is), thus failing to meet the specific requirements for being “a natural born citizen”, for those who should address this concern, refuse to do so.

It no longer matters that the barbarians are at the gate, for the sheepdogs are far too few, and by the time the sheep are fully aware and accepting that a true and present danger exists, it will be too late.

It no longer matters that our rule of law and our charter between a Peoples and their government has little sway in the over all scheme of things, for there will be a new world order of some sort taking its place … our leaders have, at the very least implied this.

People allow the superficial to drop away. Let that which is truly important stay. There are thousands throughout the midwest and southern states who have had nature do this for them. It may well be only a matter of time before that which stands before us is torn asunder, leveled to the ground. There will be loss, unimaginable pain and suffering, but if we are to continue to exist as a nation, as a free people, it will have to be done.



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6 responses to “Let the superficial drop away.

  1. Stephen J

    As time goes on (and as I learn more about the era/eras I was not cognizant for), I really am leaning more towards a time where we turn into a collection of many nations.

    If California wants to continue and let everyone in, and not hold these new arrivals accountable for their part of the financial responsibility. Let them sink. New York, Wisconsin, Illinois, et al can let the unions run their states into the ground as well.

    States like Arizona, Alaska, Texas and others can finally break away. States that are notoriously used/abused by the powers that be in Washington can reach their full potential.

    Oregon and Washington can finally create Cascadia…and no one else will even care. The South may rise again, but this time everyone in the world will know it is for state’s rights, not slavery.

    What’s going on right now is the thumb of reality is pressing down on D.C. and it’s going to cause this country to pop (Much like the game of Trouble, which I believe is still available). What’s wrong with creating an atmosphere not seen since the fall of the USSR (and the parallels are striking, going from a restrictive/oppressive government to capitalism)?

  2. There have been a number of folks who feel we may see happen exactly what you have described. Either a number of states secede from the United States, or various groups/groupings turning into their own nation or federation of States, something akin to what the southern states coalesced into … the CSA.

    What concerns me most about this (aside from the almost inevitable bloodshed which would follow such action[s}) would be the economical and militarial diminution of what was once the single greatest voice for freedom , being the biggest kid on the block really did sway a lot of folks from making the world a miserable place. With us fractionalized (Balkanized?) As hard as it has been to get a consensus in order to go to war now, think how much harder it would be when dealing with 4 or 5 different entities.

    But who knows, perhaps it is time to make a stand, And if at the end of the day, Lincoln’s fears will finally become reality, a house divided in all but name only surly can not stand any better than one which has formally and officially done so.

    Time will tell.

  3. Stephen J

    The only thing I think at this point that can save us would be 1) full scale war or 2) an all out “we need to have it hurt now fiscally” honesty coming out of D.C. Sans those two situations, I fear that within 20 years this a pro-union Government and the progressives will slowly gnaw and break this country apart. It will be an interesting study for sure

    ….interesting until the situation manifests how people can move in or out of the states before the secession is complete (because you better believe I will be heading to Florida or Texas before they shut down their immigration).

    • If I could be in either Tx or Az I would do so in a second. (Amazingly enough, Idaho would probably be the third choice, even though it gets colder then a well diggers ass up there.) Other then your grandmother and Aunt, this state holds no love for me (I can watch the Cubs and Bears on tv). So who knows what the ‘morrow will bring. Might even have to (re) learn how to ride a horse again… heheheh.

  4. A thoughtful post.

    I’d love to head to TX but the hub hates the TX attitude. Me, I can take it or leave it. I know people in TX and as with everywhere, not all of them are the stereotype. 🙂 AZ I might be able to talk him into. All I know is that if and when it happens, I sure want to be in one of the segments with enough people, resources and resolve to defend and protect the inhabitants.

  5. Thanks to Uncle Sam, I was able to travel throughout, and stay for extended periods of time, in a number of States. I found the people of Texas (and Az) to be outgoing, good neighbors (owned my first two homes there), and more of what I remember folks being like when I was growing up.

    There were “bad eggs” to be sure, as no group of people are without blemish. However, they seem to be of a nature which almost demands a strong streak of independence from the ministrations of the nanny state (federal and state levels). Again, there are exceptions to this (mostly in the major metro areas), but as often as not, folks seemed loath to have to take advantage of any governmental program (welfare, for example) or if they did it was with the personal understanding they would ween themselves off same ASAP.

    I also have many friends (both from the on-line side of the house, and those I knew from “real life”, while residing in the DFW metro area) who live in that great state, and my oldest two boys were born there. Needless to say Texas has a strong pull on my heart and on the chance old memories may be brought back to life in renewing old acquaintances.

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