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We are on the cusp of another primary season. The GOP are looking within, and without, the party to find the one diamond in the rough, who with the right amount of spin, will be able to capture the approval of the Republican Party’s “powers that be”, and come the following November, those of the American voting populace.

Already, the supposed frontrunners have started to thin themselves out. Daniels, Trump, and Huckabee, have dropped out, almost before they started. Then you have folks like Gingrich, and Romney. Both have extensive political experience and are able players of the political games played in the Cesspool on the Potomac. Intellectually, both are, if not smarter than the average bear, at least considered to be capable of meeting the mental demands of the oval office. These two things in and of themselves, place them head and shoulders above the current occupant. But that is about as far as it goes.

Both may be considered (at best) “moderate Republicans”, at least by a biased media. However, looking at their records, neither one has been faithful to the GOP or its platforms. They are SKUNCs (Statists Knowingly Undermining National Charters), or for you holdouts out there, RINOs. Going one step further, Republican or not, neither one can even remotely be thought of as conservative. And looking (again) at their respective records, neither one appears to be in sync regarding the constitution, and their obligations to support same (at least while in office). They may say they will, and may very well do so, when convenient (or politically expedient), but when the going gets a bit too rough, that particular charter gets tossed to the wayside. There is also the “baggage both bring from past cam And these two are considered our potential front runners?

So what about those a bit further down the line.

Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin still has not formally announced her intentions. There has been some very recent speculation she is positioning herself for just such an event. There is a lot to admire about her, and she deserves to be fairly looked at. And though I do admire her stand on a number of issues, (specifically energy related) I would have to see who she was running with (and perhaps who were likely candidates for her cabinet) before I would be 100% behind her. To her defense, at the very least she would still be better than anyone offered by the Democrats, and seems to be more honest and straight forward then the two “front-runners” listed above.

Herman Cain is another potential challenger. He does seem to have struck a responsive chord with many of the folks who are either conservative and or belong to the tea party. Ironically, one of his greatest strengths, someone who is (perceived) as being outside of the beltway, and thus not party to the negatives of same, may also be considered a weakness to others (No real political experience, no time spent holding an “elected office”.) To his defense, being the CEO of a major corporation, is an executive position, one which requires dealing with corporate politics (which can be just as cutthroat as any of the governmental types), and must exhibit at least some leadership attributes, or see his company flounder/die…or have the board of directors remove him from office in very short order. And it is not without precedent. There has been Presidents who have not had previous political experience. (Wilson and Hoover, to name two, from both parties.) However, his recent grilling over events taking place in the middle east, was a bit disconcerting. Maybe it was poor prep work done by his folks in getting him ready for the interview, maybe not. But in any case, it showed a lack of real understanding about what is going on in that part of the world. Something which any potential serious contender should have been up to speed on. Media, political parties, and others, to the contrary, the economy is NOT the only issue of any importance, for this or any election cycle.

Which brings us to Ron Paul. Paul has a number of good ideas, and appears to have a fairly strong grasp of the Constitution. He has been consistent on his message, both on the campaign trail, and while in elected office. His major downfall has been his grasp of foreign policy. What may have worked 80-100 years ago (and this goes to Pat Buchanan as well) in proclaiming a new era of American isolationism, will not work in an age of any number of countries being able to launch an attack against us (specifically with nuclear arsenals) in which we would have, at best 30 minutes or less to respond to. Let alone the fact there are two other nations who have enough military might to exert their will on a large part (or parts) of the world, against which we are at present the only real counter balance. Let alone being able to protect (and advance) our own interests throughout the world, as well as honoring our stated obligations to friends and allies. Folks complain about Obama recently throwing Israel “under the bus”. What makes you think Ron Paul would not be any different in this regard. His domestic policies (as stated) seem to be worth at least a look. His foreign policy (such as it is) is his death knoll, main stream politically speaking.

This takes us to Tim Pawlenty, former Governor of Minnesota. Perhaps his biggest concern now, is recognition. But already there is talk about how he “left” Minnesota with at least 4 billion dollars of red ink, upon leaving office. Ironically his concerns may be the exact opposite of Ron Paul and Herman Cain. Pawlenty is strong on national defense, but his economic legacy may be his Achilles’s heel. Time will tell.

Michele Bachmann is perhaps the strongest true conservative voice given as a potential Presidential candidate. She has held offices in Minnesota, at the state level, as a senator, and is currently one of Minnesota’s Congressional representatives. Articulate, outspoken, and no stranger to controversy (mostly generated by the media). She perhaps has the unique position of appearing to have the strongest backbone of the current field. Though she has not officially tossed her hat into the ring, she is a favorite of the tea party, and conservatives. Here is another case of a candidate whose very strengths may be her undoing. Because she is anything but a moderate (thank God), she risks alienating enough of the party élite, making a run for President all that much harder. It will be interesting to see how she handles this, without compromising on her character or convictions.

And this is what we have on our political plate, come the GOP primary. There may be more surprises, after all Palin was not anywhere near the national stage until McCain asked her to become his running mate. And who knows who might drop out before we even reach the primary.

A couple of things are assured this time around:

1. It is not going to be dull. The media is going to be taking great pleasure at tearing apart any and all prospective candidates. They may even surprise us in using facts to do so. (But I am not holding my breath.) Add to the mix the almost guaranteed mudslinging (officially or unofficially) done by all the players and their agents, let alone what ever the Progressives and their boy wonder currently in office can do…yeah, dull will not be a concern.

2. Whomever secures the nomination faces a tough road ahead. Obama and company do not play nice or fair. And with the way things are going, this may be the last chance this country has of electing someone who has the chance to change the direction this nation is heading in.

Finally, its apparent none of the potential candidates (officially in the race, or not) are without flaws or shortcomings, whether it is personal, political, or of an ideological nature. If we fail to elect someone to counter act all which has taken place in the last couple of years, simply because we object to one issue or another, we stand to lose far more than we gain.
But I open the floor to you gentle reader…what say you? Whom would you pick, and why? Inquiring minds want to know.

and Cristy who should never be in the race to begin with. Gingrich has far too many ties with, and has shown on more than one occasion, willingness to compromise with Progressives, when compromise should have never been entertained in the first place. He may be a SKUNC(Statists Knowingly Undermining National Charters)/RINO, and as such (sadly) considered to be in the GOP camp on the moderate side of things, but conservative he is not. And Cristy, though the best thing to happen to New Jersey in quite some time, more fairly should be described as a fiscally conservative Democrat, as his stance on many things (second amendment rights and the status of illegal aliens are two items which come to mind) are nowhere near conservative points of view.


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