Up Ahead … The Twilight Zone.

I have babbled on about where this country has been, where it is now, and what I think may be in store for us in the not too distant future. Dreamer that I am, it has always been hoped we would be able to keep the spirit and intent of the founding fathers alive in some form or another, whatever happens. That being able to achieve this may involve the dissolving of this nation as it stands right now, either through secession, civil war, or some other calamity was always in the back of my mind. It was never thought of as being an easy task, or one not entailing sacrifice.

Here, and at any number of other sites, there was (and still is) talk of “lines in the sand”, or “lines which will not be crossed”. Talk of waiting for a “tipping point”, some governmental action or fiat which finally breaks the “camel’s back” of the American People.

Read this , and this. My gut tightened up reading it, if only because there seems to be a very bitter kernel of truth therein. If so, we are little, if any, better off than the Jews were in Germany. Those who continue to descent will be broken, and either “reprogrammed” or sent to camps for the remainder of their (very short) days.

I hope to God he is wrong. That we (still) have a chance to turn things around, even if it involves such horror and bloodshed as this nation hasn’t seen since a century and a half ago. With the end result, hopefully, being as close a return to the original scope and intent as provided by the Constitution (as written and amended). This would not be a conservative or progressive win, it would be a win for the rule of law and those who still hold the freedom and liberties of men closest to their heart.


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