Consistant Fail.

My sweetieheart and I talk about the issues of the day, and other idiocy foisted upon us by the media and other talking heads out there. In the past day or so, we came to an interesting conclusion.

Every notable program or idea put out there by the progressives, environmental nut cases, and fellow travelers, has failed.

  • The Chevy Volt, promised to be the electric car of the future, here now! It failed on any number of levels. It also continues to fail at producing anything close to respectable sales.
  • The CFL lightbulb, the supposed cure-all to the venerable incandescent light bulb’s “environmental evils”, turns out to be quite the villan itself. And, as with the first item above, is one brightly lit fail.
  • Wind Powered Turbines. These are being increasingly touted as a practical answer to energy needs, instead of the traditional alternatives already in play. In theory, they sound like a very viable alternative form of energy., and to be fair, the newest versions for small business application, and residential use, are looking like a viable option in cutting the cost of the monthly utility bill. This is especially true if you are in an area which receives enough wind to make it viable. But the cost has come down considerably from where it used to be, making installation and start-up costs something which can be “paid off” in a matter of a few years (even less, if one takes into account any applicable tax incentives).
    As far as large-scale “wind farms” and various off shoots go, that is another story. The companies which develop, manufacture, install, and maintain these arrays are considerably more upbeat and positive in their (no pun intended) spin, regarding noise levels, damage to birds (migratory and otherwise), and the long-term sustainability of their products.
    For now, it’s a short-term “fail”, but may actually become a positive as more designs are tested, and the dynamics between wind farms and surrounding communities are worked out.
  • AGW/Global Cooling, and the associated Carbon Credits. We have been plagued with “mankind is going to kill itself off if it doesn’t change/mend its (evil)ways”, from almost the beginning of recorded history. But sticking to the last 60 years or so, we seemed to have reached a new level of intensity, insanity, or both. Starting with Rachel Carlson’s “Silent Spring” (a nice best-selling bit of propaganda if ever there was), followed by “The Population Bomb”, then numerous books and articles on “the coming ice-age”, “nuclear winter”, and most recently “Global Warming”, “Anthropogenic Global Warming” (a slightly more ‘refined’ version of GW), Carbon Credits (the modern-day equivalent to “Papal Indulgences”), and finally, a return to the meme of “global cooling”. It should be noted the latest versions, be it hot or cold, are falling under the guise of “Climate Change”. The reason for this is clear, even if the science is not, it gives its advocates latitude to change the direction we are heading toward at will (or whim). I would have provided links to this one, but there are so many sources for information, many of them fine upstanding bloggers (The good Mr. Alger at Baby Troll Blog for one.)

    This is yet another in a long list of manufactured calamities and will always be right at the top of “epic fail”!

And on that note. I will close this session. Perhaps the few who drop by now and again will add a few more to the comments. Heaven knows, they are out there, and all of them are “fails”.


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4 responses to “Consistant Fail.

  1. Down here in Tornado Alley, we’ve got all the wind we can use, and then some; our local electric utility has been busily putting up the turbines. It’s nowhere near close enough to replacing the usual power plants (mostly natural gas, a few coal), but it helps keep the company from getting maxed out on 100-degree days, so I think of it mostly as brownout insurance.

    • There has been movement in the surrounding counties in getting wind farms set up. So far it has been met with spirited resistance. Folks are not taking the company line as gospel, so it has not been an easy sell (or a successful one) by any means. The biggest concerns at the moment appears to be visual (the rotating blades create annoying shadows) and noise (the “swishing” of the blades as they turn) produced as by products. There has been much discussion about the size of the surrounding buffer zone between the turbins and the closest residents.

      I have not heard any talk regarding the small residential units. This is where I feel there is some real potential for growth. But I have been wrong before.

  2. See my response to Chris over at Og’s this morning, as well as my explanation for his metaphor.

    Fail? Depends on your viewpoint. From the standpoint of a Pol Pot mentality, every bit of evidence you’ve amassed and to which I could add more, demonstrates that he has headed us down the road to (his) goal.

    • Pascal, I wasn’t specifically addressing Obama (and or his administration), though they are most certainly very much a part of this whole mess/mindset. The whole progressive outlook, taken onboard by everyone from union thief, environmental-geia-hugging weenie, to peace activist, and elitist with an agenda which must at all costs be followed, is whom I was targeting.

      In short, everything wrong with this country, can be laid at the feet of those with either an agenda, or well meaning hearts and weak minds. (This goes for all political stripes….to fully agree with Og’s post on Freedom.) Oh, and thanks for dropping by. Would have responded sooner, but “real life” has kept me pretty busy of late.

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