UN, up in arms?

**BUMPED**  (see update at bottom of post)

Transcribed from Associated Press article …
“The morning after” usually refers to what one deals with after a night out with the boys. You wake up with an uneasy feeling in your gut, a strong sense of dislike toward any noise above the sound of dust landing on the floor, and an aversion to the light of day.

This was just such a morning for the American people. Today should have given us the name of the next President of the United States. Instead, we are faced with the prospect of having, a nation not only under martial law, but for the first time since Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a sitting President, who in all likelihood will begin his third term in office next January 20th.

Surprisingly, the posting of UN backed troops at the majority of major polling places throughout the country, had not been met with major outbreaks of violence. The voting process was orderly. American citizens across the country proceeded to cast their votes, in much the same fashion as had been done over the last generation or so.

There were no exit polls allowed, and the media fully complied with FCC backed UN mandates, that the outcome of the election would not be “pre-forcasted” in any manner. It was understood this was considered the best way to keep any rioting, by either side, to a minimum.

“If they don’t know whether or not their respective candidate is winning, or loosing, than passions should not rise to the boiling point.”, said the U.S. liaison to the UN monitoring team.

The real surprise came early this morning. It was determined, due to the extreme closeness of the popular vote, with less then half a percent difference between the two candidates, that it would be more prudent to allow the sitting President to continue his stay in the office, until such time as either the country at large was on a better footing economically, or there was a sufficiently pronounced majority … “that the public had clearly spoken”, to quote President Obama, as to allow for a formal vote to be taken again.

When asked by one of the press corps reporters, as to why the electoral college, and the resulting electoral votes were not honored as providing a “clear winner” in yesterday’s election, the President replied with, “It is long past time we retired that old horse. The American People have increasingly demanded that the President be appointed by a direct popular vote. I fully intend that the voice of the people regarding this, is finally heard. To this end, by executive order…signed last night… I have abolished the Electoral college, electoral votes, and voting.”

Neither candidate for the Presidency was available for comment.

Blake and Tom had been meeting for morning coffee at “Ruth’s Dinner”, for years. This morning was no different. Sitting at their usual spot, coffee at the ready, both men had taken turns reading the AP article. Blake looked at his friend, and said,

“Remember back in 2012, when the Senate ratified the UN Small Arms Treaty? Most folks thought it would all blow over. After all, how could they confiscate the millions of guns legitimately owned in this country, let alone all the ones “under the radar”, so to speak.”

Tom sighed, “Yeah, I do remember that. Funny how they can stop the outcome of an election when they no longer have to worry about an armed citizenry.”

Yes, I know it is an old story (the UN Small Arms Treaty, in all its forms, not the bit of fiction above), but it appears to be gaining a bit of traction again. We would be well advised to keep an eye on this, along with all the players who would seek to use this to their advantage. “Wiener-gate” is amusing, in a “watching a train-wreck happen” kind of way. But it is stuff like the above which really needs to be monitored.


From the good folks at Gun Owners of America, comes the latest on the Obama administrations efforts, via the UN to all but remove your second amendment right.  And dispite all the naunced language, and false promisees, don’t let them fool you for an instant, this is exactly what they have in mind to do.

Could be a long hot summer, and an even warmer fall.

tip of the old squid lid to Kevin Stinson, an “Oath Keeper with his head on a swivel”.



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4 responses to “UN, up in arms?

  1. Aewl

    The sad thing is if this ever comes to pass, that most people will be mystified and state that they never thought something like this would happen. The worst thing is that the dumbocrats clamoring for this will also be mystified, but they will proclam that they had good intentions.

    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

    • “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

      It is indeed. But I am a tad more cynical in my middle age, than I was even five years ago. Those who claim good intentions are usually motivated by something other than that. This holds especially true for those of a political stripe, aka SKUNCs.

      And thanks for stopping by!

  2. There are no “good intentions.”

    There is only the intent of accruing power.

    • I was thinking along the lines of there are those naive few who honestly do think their (misguided) good intentions will save the day, as applied to any given ideal or cause. That they are eventually used by others to advance any number of agendas (hidden or otherwise) goes without saying (Yeah, I know, I said it anyway….get over it!). And at the end of the day, you are exactly correct Aggie.

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