Gluten Free, Sour Cream/Blueberry Pancakes …

are the tastiest! Especially when you are taking an existing recipe , and substituting a few gluten free goodies for the flour. In this case, the substitution was “Gluten Free Bisquick” for the flour, and for the baking soda and baking powder. They came out tasting great. But were not nearly as fluffy as I would have liked. Next time around, I will use a bit of baking powder, and add one more egg (I doubled the recipe size). Total amount of pancakes made was 21, using a 1/3 cup as a “pancake mix dispenser”.

Here is how they turned out.

This whole evolution would not have taken place if it were not for finding Groovy Noms via the effervescent Aggie. Thank you both!! We will try this again with the few changes listed above, and see how they come out.



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10 responses to “Gluten Free, Sour Cream/Blueberry Pancakes …

  1. Did you make enough for everyone?

    • But of course! Where were you?? Hey, remember the old Navy pancakes? Heaven help me, but I loved em. (The old recipe, not the one they changed to sometime in the late 80’s or 90’s)

  2. Hm…even flat they resemble crepes, in a way. I bet they were GOOOOD.

    My friend is having fun with her blog, and I’m glad you liked it 😀

  3. These look full of awesome!

    • When I try this recipe again, after some slight modifications, they should be much fluffier. These were raised a bit, but not nearly enough. Still a tad higher than what Aggie (and I) would call a crape.

  4. Yummers! We’ve been GF since April, 2008, when DD#4 was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Found out I have it as well, and a couple of other family members are gluten sensitive.

  5. We have been looking into the Gluten Free issue here. Deb may have Celiac Disease, at the very least there are tolerance issues with grains. And at least one relative (on her mom’s side) has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

    On the other side of the coin, it appears most GL free breads, pastries, and the like, are very high in sugar content. And there is the issue of finding a bread which actually holds up like bread without being so tough as to be almost unchewable. (Udis is the best we have found so far.)

    There also appears to be tie-ins with the Gluten issues and other auto immune concerns.

    But that is an issue for another day. And thanks for stopping by!!

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