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Raindrops on Roses, and whiskers on Kittens …

One of the daily stops made at the Harbor for our daily required amount of interweb goodness, is Sithy Things, home of that indomitable spirit, Aggie.

Seems she has tossed a machette wielding gauntlet on to the deck, in the form of a “top ten list”. In this case, you are required to share your “top ten favorite things. So in the spirit of tossing out something which is not related to the massive amount of stupidity being discussed here, there, and everywhere, (Usually, but not always, involving the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, his band of mutants, and assorted fellow travelers.) I give you:

My Top Ten Favorite Things

#1– Favorite candy: Chocolate. (Unless you consider bacon, a candy, than we have to switch things.)

#2– Favorite movie: Casablanca. (Followed by “The Quiet Man”, “Blazing Saddles”, and “McClintock”)

#3– Favorite drink: Rum and Dr. Pepper (failing that, Rum and Coke)

#4– Favorite dessert: Key Lime Pie/German Chocolate Cake [a tie] (Vanilla Ice Cream is right behind them … sometimes on top.)

#5– Favorite city: Key West (Stateside) Odessa, in the Ukraine, would have to be the one outside of the states.

#6– Favorite pasttime: Reading.

#7– Favorite clothing: Jeans, followed by Khakis.

#8– Favorite animal: Dogs. (and even though I am slightly allergic to them, kittens)

#9– Favorite flower: Rose.

#10 Favorite music: Really depends on the mood and or location. Country-Western would have to top the list for most purposes. But Classical, The Old Standards (Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hart to name a few composers/lyricists who come to mind), Showtunes, Classic Rock, Jazz/Blues, all have their proper time and place. Hip-Hop/Rap may occasionally qualify as some form of poetry, but it ain’t music. Oh, and the “Banana Phone” Song! (Which does qualify as music, and a marvy ear-worm!)

And there you have it. Though my list isn’t quite eclectic as Julie Andrew’s was, in “The Sound of Music”, it works for me. So, just like at Aggies, feel free to make your own list, post it at your blog, or social networking hangout, and leave a link to same in the comments below.

The title has been changed to reflect, you know, the actual bit of lyrics I poached from “The Sound of Music”.


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