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None Dare Call It Islam … a reflection on a day, ten years after.

I tried to write something in honor of the day, in honor of the fallen, in honor of those who have given that “last full measure of devotion” since September 11, 2001. But it just won’t come.

The words don’t fail me. There are plenty of words. The images don’t fail me. They have permanent residence in my memories, perhaps a bit dusty after ten years, but when brought to the fore into the light, they regain their power to evoke a right and proper response and sense of outrage.

It is a sense of melancholy. A case of retrospect remorse.

Not for what we did, and have done since this day, ten years ago. But for what we have not.

It has been labeled “The War On Terror”, yet even from the start, we have been quite selective in whom we engage, or where we project our military might and assets.

Some have called it “A War for Oil”, addressing the resource most readily available throughout the regin where the roots of this war reside. Those folks would be wrong. (Have you seen the price of crude lately, or what a gallon of gas is going for?)

Francis Porretto, over at Eternity Road, remembers. Neither of us has forgotten what happened that day. But perhaps of even more importance, a decade after this nation was struck with a gauntlet wielded by the Muslim malignancy known as Islam, Fran continues to address that which we should have been at war with since day one … Islam.

“We are at war with Islam. We’ve been at war with Islam for forty-one years. Let’s get serious about it.”
Source: Eternity Road, Ten Years After

And he is correct. The sooner we honestly address … put the right and proper name to the evil we are facing; the sooner we elect to seriously take the fight directly to our enemy; to prosecute this war, as one we fully intend to win, then and only then will there be an honest reckoning for those who fell ten years ago today. Then and only then, will there be something akin to a squaring of accounts for the Marines lost in a barracks in Lebanon, Sailors killed and scared from the USS Cole, Spirits, and perhaps lost souls which still haunt Lockerbie…this being just a sample, from a list much longer.

Remember September 11, 2001. Never Forget.

More importantly, remember the root cause of same. Give that evil its right and proper name. Resolve to fight this evil with all your heart and soul. For it wants nothing more than to devour yours.


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