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Islam, Ann Barnhardt, and experiences with Islam.

Over at Eternity Road, there was a recent post, with video, on Ann Barnhardt. Specifically, it addressed her commentary about Islam, and in this particular case, its “sexual identity”. This woman is a dynamo. She is passionate about her faith, her country, her culture, and about those who would seek to diminish or destroy same. I think she could be accurately thought of as a modern-day John Adams, certainly she is a firebrand. If she wore the uniform, I would put here in the same mold as a George S. Patton. Perhaps a more snarky image (but no less accurate) would be, she is Ann Coulter, with a tad less snark, and a lot more testicular fortitude. And though I am not 100% in alignment with all she says, Ann is far more often right, than wrong.

This brings us back to what I consider to be the main thrust of her video.

1. Islam is evil, by definition, and design.
2. All good men, when knowingly faced with evil, and recognizing it as such, must act; or become part of said evil.
3. In the case of Islam, there is no black and white, all who practice it, as in following its tenants and guidelines, are by item 1’s statement above, to some lesser or greater extent, evil. There is no middle ground.

I have no problem with any of the three statements above. (These are, by the way, my interpretation of her views. Go watch the video and see if you reach the same conclusions.) It has been stated here at the Harbor, many times, that Islam, its facilitator, and practitioners, are a cancer. A malignancy advancing on all fronts of the world. We ignore, or appease it, at our cultural and civilizations peril.

The second statement is also true. This is not limited to Islam, but in facing any evil, it applies. Even if you do nothing, are passive, by taking no action against any thing which when exposed by the light of truth, is evil, than you, at the very least, are an enabler of same. What is more, you are perhaps even more vile than those who are active agents of any particular evil, for at least we know where they stand.

The third statement, in and of itself, is true. If you take the time and effort to read the Quran, and Hadith, it is a requirement to adhere, to the letter, to the first, and, at the very least, to your Iman’s interpretation of the second. It is no surprise only three major “branches” of Islam (Sunni, Shiite, and Wahhabi) “exist”, if it were not for the perceived need on all their parts to actively pursue and attack the “infidel”, they would be at odds against each other. Like the fictional Highlander series, in Islam’s case, “There can be only one.”

Any who deviate from, or leave, Islam are considered apostate. And as such are subject to persecution, prosecution, (possible) imprisonment, and finally, death. There is no middle ground on this. Which brings us to my concerns.

Given there are a billion plus Islamists throughout the world, and at present, there seems to be as much unrest and descent in any number of places where Islam exists; where are the factions which would seek to reform Islam, bringing it out of the dark, and into, at the very least, a benign state?

Does such a body of “enlightened souls” exist?

Given the violent reaction of the mainstream (it never was “just the fringe groups” or individuals) toward those who seek to modify or update Islam, is such a thing as a “moderate muslim”, or “Enlightened Islam”, even possible? Or is the legitimate “moderate muslim”, a figment of the media, and governments which have other agendas … agendas which require a blind eye being turned toward the reality of what Islam really is, and intends to do to the civilized world, given the chance.

I believe there are those who would seek to practice a benign form of Islam. But they need to make their choices now. They need to become one voice, and they need to stand well apart from the malignancy they were spawned from. The time is fast approaching where we are all going to have to make a stand. A time when being on the fence, being passive as to what is going on around us, and in the world at large, is no longer a choice, but is in fact, by the very lack of action, “a choice”.

If you profess to be Muslim, but believe this is not the “real road” your faith should travel, yet you sit quietly on the side, while allowing violence, destruction, domination, and death to be done in the name of your “religion”, than you are part of the problem, and not part of the solution. You are enabling evil to not only exist, but to profit.

Either stand up for what you believe in, or be well and truly prepared for what may eventually come to pass … the complete and total eradication of your cult, by those who see no other solution as being possible, in order to save their own.

The “good German” fell when the bombs decimated Berlin, just as quickly as the ardent Nazi. The “good (North) Korean” suffered the same fate, during the Korean War, as did the “good (North) Vietnamese. The same will happen with you, if you do not make a choice, or make an effort.

As much as it would hurt, when the time comes, should I have to be a part of it, I will not shirk from removing the threat of Islam from my shores, my state, my town. It may be nothing more than transporting them to “points of deportation”, and perhaps some sort of screening process, for we are like that here. We have learned from past mistakes (the Asian interment camps of WWII). However, should there be conflict, even on these shores, than all gloves are off. No quarter will be taken, or given.

For you will have been given the opportunity, to speak up, to stand aside from that which is evil, and you will have waited too long. It is a waiting game you can not afford to take part in. Or hope to benefit from. In the case of any and all fence sitters, he who hesitates is not only last, but lost as well.


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The RNC Sends another “Obama Agenda Survey” or “Hell No!!”

Once again, the Republican National Committee has seen fit to send me a survey. This time it is the “2011 Obama Agenda Survey”. So let’s take a look at this puppy, and see if the RNC has learned anything since the 2009 survey, of the same name, was sent my way.

All questions have the “Yes”, “No”, and “No Opinion” options as answers. And like all previous surveys, there is still no “extra space” provided for giving additional information to any given response.

1. Do you believe that Barack Obama deserves a second term as President?

Hmmmm, let’s see, this is a RNC survey. They are (one assumes) sending it to whom they consider to be, at least at some time in the not too distant past, either members of the Republican Party, or at the very least conservative leaning in their political ideology. Okay, I will be nice on this one. Maybe they thought a softball question right out of the gate would be a good thing. Survey says……Why is this asshat still a sitting President? There is an impeachment process in place, in the Constitution, for a very good reason. Yeah, my answer is NO!!!

2. Do you agree with Barack Obama and the Democrats that taxes on wealthy individuals and families should be raised for the sake of “fairness”, regardless of the negative impact it has on the economy?

First of all, what constitutes “wealthy individuals”? Is it vast amounts of money? A bulging stock portfolio? Having a house with a two car garage? To be fair, the progressives are just as nebulous on this. One time it is folks with an income over 250k, the next time it is anyone with a collective worth of over a million dollars, the next time it heads south again to about 200k. Guess being rich is like being poor, it is whatever the government says it is, so there!

Realistically, there is no “fair”. There never has been. And most likely, there never will be. Those with the money are going to find ways to keep it, or place it in what ever commodity can be used, so it is at the ready should they need to liquidate same to provide themselves with capital, keeping their taxes to a minimum.   AND EVERYONE ELSE DOES THIS TOO. Even the vaunted middle class (You say you own a home, and did not declare a deduction for same on you taxes? Or take the maximum deduction allowed for the number of dependents, for school aged kids, or any other allowable deduction/waver? If so, you are either a fool, or a liar.) So enough about the “fairness” already. Bottom line is, something needs to be done to overhaul the existing system.

3. Do you believe the federal government has gone too far in bailing out failing banks, insurance companies and the auto industry?

Here it is, the first repeat question from the ’09 survey. My answer from that survey still stands.

Gee, another tough one. Ya know, this whole “they are too big to fail” thing has really appeared to have turned around and soundly bitten us (collectively) in the ass. Again, had the GOP folks in office had made a bigger hue and cry over this, maybe someone would have not been so quick to spend are money. By the way, what ever happened to both “free enterprise” and “the free market”, where any given company was allowed to rise or fall based on it’s merits and or services rendered to the consumer? Then again, as of late, it would seem the Grand Old Party has become nothing more than “Democrat Lite”

4. Do you support amnesty for illegal immigrants?

Not to be out done by the last question, we get another “blast from the past”. This one was question 3 back in ’09. I won’t blockquote the answer I gave for that one, you can go to the link at the beginning of this post and read it, if you so desire. The short answer is Hell No!

5. Should English be the official language of the United States?

Until we become either part of the Peoples Republic of China, the Russian Federation, or under the “Greater Islamic Prosperity Sphere”, than yes, of course English should be the official language of this nation. The real question should be; why has it taken so long to arrive at this requirement.

6. Are you in favor of granting retroactive Social Security eligibility to illegal immigrants who gain U.S. citizenship through an amnesty program?

And the golden oldies keep on coming! In this case, they should have shortened the question to “Are you in favor of granting retroactive Social Security eligibility to illegal immigrants?” Then the answer would (still) be NO. But it would also be a tad more straight forward. As for amnesty being granted, assuming such a thing happens, one assumes the now “legal” alien, would have a legal SSN, and upon applying for a job, would start to pay into the same Ponzi scheme government savings program, all the rest of us lemmings are a part of. So at that point it becomes a moot point. As far as them being granted any more benefits than the rest of us have, again, “Hell No!” seems just too mild an answer.

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