“Livin on jacks and queens … Maverick is a legend of the west.”

Or so the song goes from the old Maverick television show. A series about a gambler, and a bit of a rogue, whose conscience, at the end of the day, usually won out over his wallet. A good man, in spite of himself. The kind of man John McCain would have you believe he patterns himself after. One outside of the political norm, a risk taker, a rogue if the occasion warrants.

It was, and is a myth.

He claims to be for the common man, the working man, the everyday American. But will be forever known as part of the Keating Five. His actions, or the allowing, on his part, of other’s actions, caused “the common man”, the “everyday American”, to lose large parts of their retirements. I know about this on a personal level, my grandfather lost over 40k thanks to the actions of these men.

This was a myth.

He has sworn to, “protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic …”, not only as a member of the United States Navy, but as a sitting United States Senator. So, how could he in good conscience (there’s that conscience thing again), co-sponsor the “McCain-Feingold Bill”? And there was his active support toward John “thank God I had my magic cap and leather jacket in Vietnam” Kerry, while he was being hammered by the Swiftboat Vets. (And rightly so, I might add.) How could he indorse the actions and antics of such an empty suited opportunist over the well founded and grounded information provided by “real Vietnam Vets”? Political opportunity/payback trumps “duty”, “honor”, and “country” I guess.

His honor towards his oath taking was a myth.

And now, there is this

A congressional “super committee” tasked to slow the nation’s rising debt appears to have reached consensus on dampening future cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for federal entitlement programs, including military retirement, through use of a “chain-weighted” Consumer Price Index.
Source: Tom Philpott-Military Times “dot” com, November 03, 2011

And this.

Pulling the TRICARE Prime idea from a recent Congressional Budget Office report, McCain said forcing retirees under 65 to use TRICARE Standard, the fee-for-service option, or health insurance from civilian employers, or space-available care at base clinics or hospitals, could save DoD medical accounts up to $111 billion over the next decade.

McCain, ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, was once a champion for expanded TRICARE benefits to retirees. He was not available for an interview. But a staff member explained the senator feels eliminating retiree TRICARE Prime is more acceptable than alternatives to cut equipment, training or key weapon programs needed by the current force.

“Faced with the possibility of sequester and its potential for an enormously harmful impact on national security,” he said, McCain wants the super committee to consider carefully options “that would not impose drastic negative impacts on the Defense Department, or the currently serving force and their families, while sustaining the TRICARE benefit.”

As reported here two weeks ago, McCain also has embraced President Obama’s proposal to set a $200 a year enrollment fee for TRICARE for Life, the prized supplement to Medicare for military beneficiaries age 65 and older.
Source: Tom Philpott-Military “dot” com, November 03, 2011

Once again, McCain, under the guise of “fairness”, and “making the best choices in the toughest of circumstances”, seeks to work with Democrats and others of the anti-military ilk, in stabbing he fellow veterans in the back. It costs him nothing to do so. He has money enough to be “self insured” … oh wait, he also has that nifty Senatorial medical benefit package. Something his “fellow vets” could only dream about, well unless they were federal employees too.

But let’s cut out the vets from what they were, if not promised, at least strongly suggested, would be theirs… availability of free medical. Which then became, CHAMPUS, and then TRICARE. Now TRICARE, at least in its current form, may be under the knife. This along with the traditional retirement plan. All being looked at as “fat” to be trimmed from what some folks on capital hill consider to be a bloated defense budget.

And McCain is casting his lot with these bastards.

As I have said before, years ago now, this man is not to be trusted.

Maverick? Not bloody likely. Unless you consider “Maverick” to be taken in the same context as “fallen angel”. In which case, John McCain you are in the best of company with all others damned to hell. One of Satan’s gamblers … living on the souls of Jacks and Queens, indeed.


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4 responses to ““Livin on jacks and queens … Maverick is a legend of the west.”

  1. A “Maverick” around this town is not a compliment.

    My only question is, why is McCain still pretending to be a republican??

  2. I wish I knew. His world is filled with dark and twisty paths, some not of his choosing, He needs to be put out to pasture…yesterday!

    • And hope yours was a good one as well. Had to work for half a day, but was home by 1pm to partake in the annual turkey devouring classic over here.

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