Aunt Betty

Mom had two sisters, my Aunt “Nibs”, and Aunt Betty. Aunt Betty, like mom, stayed physically close to her roots; though all three sisters were of a bond, which neither time nor distance from each other could diminish or erase. Betty was of the generation which grew up during the “Great Depression”, became a young adult during “the war”, and became a blushing bride and eventually a mother, shortly there after. Both her and my Uncle Les, worked hard, saw their children, my cousins Chris and Laurel grow to adulthood, and were able to retire from the rat race most of us are still shackled to, some 20 odd years ago.

Betty was of quick wit, and had a way with words. I believe, had she been of my generation, she would have embraced the internet and blogging, and we would have been richer for it.

For my Aunt remembered.

She recalled, on paper, the life and times not only of her mother, but her grandmother as well. I was privileged to have been able to read a rough transcript of her memories, and found it easy to read.

Mom willingly told us about her families history as she remembered it, but Aunt Betty’s story provided depth, a thicker texture, which could only be produced from one who was old enough to remember in greater detail what went on, things her younger sibling would perhaps have missed.

And her skills in the kitchen … a slice of one of Aunt Betty’s pies, was to taste fruit, flour, and assorted spices, in the way the good Lord intended … as a bit of heaven on earth. To be at my grandmother’s house on Thanksgiving or Christmas, when all the women folk were performing their kitchen alchemy, was to know your waistline was in for a losing battle. If the dinner itself did not cause your belt to loosen up, seemingly of its own accord, or the button on the top of your trousers to voluntarily rocket skyward, well … then their desserts would provide the coup de grace.

But my Aunt’s pies, cookies, and cakes, quick wit, sparkling eyes, and smile, will have to content themselves to remain only as memories. As so many of her generation have done, with increasing frequency, my Aunt left us this week. And the world is a much quieter, a less enjoyable, and yes, a less “dessert friendly” place.

Please give Great Grandma, Grandma, Grandpa, and Dad, a couple of hugs from me when you see them … cause I know you brought them a pie or two to nibble on, while sharing a cup of coffee, and catching up on all the latest gossip from down here.

You will be missed, but never forgotten.


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6 responses to “Aunt Betty

  1. Rave

    Sorry for your loss.

  2. My condolences to you and yours for your loss.

    • That it happened around the holidays, when family tends to congregate, makes it sting a bit. But she did lead a full life, and there was as much laughter, remembering the good times, as there was tears, at her memorial service/get-together.

  3. That she left such a lasting memory is beautiful. Y’all were truly blessed, and I know she is very happy now 🙂

  4. Thank you Aggie! She (along with my Mom, and other sister, my Aunt “Nibs”) were/are something else. Their love of life, sense of humor, and on-going commentary on just about anything (and you didn’t even have to ask for it, they shared!!!) always made time spent with them all, something interesting, and usually memorable. Their mother, my grandmother left her mark on them all, and I (along with my cousins), my sister and brother, are all the richer for it.

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