Imposing Their Will

Eternity Road has been mentioned and referenced here, more than once. deservedly so. This link is no exception. Which leads to todays bit of soapbox sophistry.

First off, I believe Rick Santorum is a man of principle , and it is refreshing to see this, especially with the antithesis of that occupying the Oval Office right now.

But, and it is a very big “but”, Santorum, entitled to his personal believes as he is, (and a number of which I may privately agree with) does not have the right to impose these on the American people just because he holds these truths to be self-evident to him. It is the same path Mike Huckabee followed in his failed bid for the Presidency. And in a slightly different vein, Gingrich also falls into this trap. (His support of the failed “war on drugs”, as one example.)

But wait, there’s more!!

Bachmann had the same temperament, and to a lesser degree, so did Palin. Perry also exhibits some of this, but his saving grace is he will listen to his constituents, “backing up and regrouping” when called on going too far.

What are we addressing here? All of the above are at least passingly knowledgable about the Constitution. All have repeatedly stated they are for returning to our “Constitutional roots”, at least to some degree. All seem to be clear on external threats this country faces, or could be facing within the next few years. They all want “a return to a strong(er) America”, a unfettering of American enterprise, a strong(er) foreign policy and military.

The real problem is, all of them, to some degree, want to impose their personal moral code on each and every one of us.

The progressives, socialists, communists, and their ilk, have no moral code, so this was never an issue with them. However, they did (and do) have a consistent predilection to “know what is best for us”, along with a strong desire to want us to know “they are our betters and we should be damn glad they are willing to lead us to a better tomorrow”…whether we want to go there or not.

Short answer:

These are but opposite sides of the same coin.

They want, for good intent or ill, to control us, and the Constitution be damned!

I want to be talked with, as an adult. I want all my elected (or wanna be elected) officials to adhere to the Constitution, and to their respective sworn oaths. It’s just that simple.

Is it really too much to ask?



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4 responses to “Imposing Their Will

  1. Hmm, what a novel idea, treated as an adult. Yeah, that’ll never work.

    It would be nice, as a change, wouldn’t it?

  2. Jay,

    I have dreams like that, all the time. *grin* And if someone would adhere to the guidelines of my last paragraph, could you just imagine the groundswell they would have if they were running for office? (Yeah, Dr. Paul comes kinda close to that, but his tin-foil hat is rather distracting.)

  3. I hate that we’re constantly diverted by trivial sideshow issues. We’re supposed to be appalled that somebody’s putting their something somewhere when WE’RE BROKE. The commies love to get our side all riled up about trivial wedge issues as they spend our children’s money like frickin’ mad thinking nobody’s paying attention. Our stupid candidates get drawn into debating the merits of states banning birth control, not realizing that these stupid non-issues are only convenient bludgeons with which the commies will beat us about the head with as they SPEND MORE FRICKIN MONEY.

    The answer is to dismiss the bullcr@p and focus on that which is important. You don’t care about the dog cr@p on the carpet when your home is engulfed in flame. And I don’t care a whit about nonsense horse-apples when we’re at a level of debt equal to GDP, and facing $115 Trillion in non-financed obligations.

    There must be a singular clarion mindset, and sadly we fail to recognize our home is engulfed while we fret about dogsh1t.

  4. Have to agree, both sides are not really doing anything to help matters. One side appears to “want to” bring about positive change, but have acute attention deficit concerns….”Oh look1 Something shinny (a birth control issue needs immediate attention, or there’s porn on the web!!)!

    Sadly, the other side goes about their merry way…either advancing their agenda(s) and or tossing “shinny objects” in the path(s) of their antagonists across the asile.

    That the media isn’t even attempting to hide their bias, let alone make it at least appear they are at least shooting for accuracy in what does get “reported”.

    There is no longer any watchdogs out there to cover either sides foolishness.

    So to use your analogy:

    “Papa GOP” is sweating the dog crap on the living room floor.
    “Momma Progressive” is off her meds and dowsing the house with gasoline, fueling the flames.
    While their watchdog “Free Press” is busy trying to hump Mama’s leg, ignoring the fire. And if he gets a whiff of smoke and starts to look around, Momma just tosses him a bone (something shinny), and he is back at her leg in no time flat.

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