A Short Story Challenge

Aggie, over at Sithy Things has issued a “short story challenge”. I picked up the gauntlet and stumbled around as best I could. Here is my response, at least for now.


Have added a “Short Story” category on the bottom right side of the blog. I will be adding old stories, and update(s) to the current *cough* *sputter* “epic”, there. If you are so inclined, check em out.


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4 responses to “A Short Story Challenge

  1. That was very scary, Guy…. good work!

    • Thanks Aggie! We shall see how things all work out. I don’t think they will be staying home for long…but the ultimate destination is still somewhat up in the air.

  2. I like it, Guy. Waiting to see how this will turn out.

    • I am not sure. What amazes me is these characters are taking on a life of their own. Especially the protagonist, whom I haven’t even given a name to. As a bit of information of no particular interest…Gayle’s name was not her original, which was Mary. I didn’t like it on her, it didn’t fit. Have one other name in reserve, depending on how things shake out. Not for Gayle, but for another … person… should they sprout to life. I also have a name in mind for the protagonist, and that one shouldn’t change. (Big tease, ain’t I!)

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