A Newt World Order?

It appears Newt Gingrich is going to handily walk away in the SC primary. Romney will place second, and Santorum third. Dr. Paul grabs the fourth place slot.

Couple of things are of interest:

1. Despite Gingrich’s marital fidelity issues, and in particular, his second wife’s “interview” with ABC being aired a couple of days before the South Carolina Primary, appears to have done exactly the opposite of what that media outlet (and it’s enablers) intended. Looking at the poll results, at Fox News, specifically at women voters we find 38% voted for Gingrich. Even more surprising is of those who claimed to be married voted in even greater numbers at 41%, non-married carried 38%. So either they are acting much like Democratic women did with Clinton, or there is something else going on here.

2. Santorum has a lot of interesting ideas, some of which I can agree with, particularly his stance on Islam, and sharia law. Dr. Paul has a number of points, especially on the fiscal/domestic side of the house, which I could very easily get behind, but his foreign policy, military stance, and take on Israel make him a non-player. Romney being little more than “Obama lite”, has no redeeming value in my eyes, other than he would arrive slower to the same destination Obama and company are steering us toward now. But with all these folks there is one thing they will have to deal with. And that is the House and Senate; the Legislative branch. Gingrich, for all his warts and blemishes, knows how to do so, and probably has the best record of all other candidates in this. However, even Newt may have to realize some battles will not be won, or perhaps will have to be fought another day. The big difference between any of the above and Obama, they all will return to the “constitutionally mandated boundaries” between the three branches of government. The GOP has not (yet) crossed the lines the current administration has, and I don’t see this happening…at least for now.

3. Gingrich is the last of the remaining candidates who apparently is not afraid to directly confront the media, calling them out for their duplicity in both the kinds of “questions” asked, and in failing to apply these same “tactics” against anyone who doesn’t happen to have an “R” after their name. He also is the only one (remaining) who consistently has called out Obama, his cronies. and his policies as being nothing short of (at the very least) Socialism, or having tactics taken directly from the Alinsky playbook.

Of all the above, the third one is what is resonating with voters. They want someone who is going to challenge the left. They want someone who is willing to at least try to level the playing field. They want someone who will (hopefully) bring this country back toward its founding documents. He does not have to be a saint. But he does have to listen, and he does have to lead, and he does have to put America…her fiscal health, her best interests both foreign and domestic, and her “American Dream”, back on the front burner. If Gingrich can accomplish that. If he can stay on track, on focus with these ideals, I predict he can not only win the GOP Primary, but the national election come next November. If he gets off target, or gets too full of himself, than all bets are off.

As mentioned on twitter; We have been looking for a leader, for someone to at least aspire to the mantle of Reagan. What we have the potential of having is an actual “Churchillian moment”. Where a once unpopular and shunned, but intellectually astute individual, fell from power, came back to lead his people through the toughest of times imaginable. Winston Churchill was that for Great Britain during the war years. Could Gingrich be “our Churchill”?

I would be remiss if I didn’t “give a doff of the squid lid” to the following two articles. They both influenced the above.

this editorial at IBD
and of course,Fran, at Eternity Road . Thank you gentlemen!

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