Goodnight Mr. Bradbury

He had not returned to Waukegan since his 13th year. But Waukegan never left him. It’s presence stayed in his heart and mind. found its way into any number of stories. I would like to think, that sometime yesterday, Ray Bradbury came home. That the spirit of the man now happily roams the streets, visits his old haunts, making them his own. Oh not in a dark and foreboding fashion, one of chained spirit to past memories formed while living, rather, that of one which infuses his essence into the places which he once cherished, making them richer for having his presence there.

Certainly, if I were a librarian, or night watchman, tasked with closing up Waukegan’s Public Library(s) for the night, I might give pause to the spry 13-year-old who is still reading quietly … or the elderly silver-haired gent doing the same. If you happen to mention it is closing time, and the only response received is “That’s okay, the books and I will keep each other company, until you return.” Smile, and perhaps say “Goodnight Mr. Bradbury.”

For the world is poorer in his passing. But richer for what he left behind.
Rest In Peace Ray Bradbury.


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2 responses to “Goodnight Mr. Bradbury

  1. Fahrenheit 451 and Something Wicked this Way Comes – two of my favorites.

    I like the notion that while we can be sad in his passing we can also be very glad of his having been here. From what little I know of his life he had a “will do” attitude, which is like “can do” raised to some exponential power – that is a rare thing.

    • And though the papers are listing him as a “conservative”, based on what I have read over the years, he was a fan of Ayn Rand. I would suspect he was more the libertarian than an out and out conservative. Still, it lotus land (He did reside in California, in a burb of LA no less, anyone to the right of Mao or Marx would have been considered a conservative.

      And yes, “a will do attitude”, was precisely what he had. Having the courage to go and not only follow his dream, but live it (and live it well) demands nothing less.

      And thanks for stopping by!

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