Most everyone is saying change is a coming. Doesn’t matter which side of the political fence you are on, one way or another, things are not going to remain the same.

It has been a long time in coming, but as noted here, and elsewhere, it is not like we haven’t seen that the path we were on was not going to lead us to anywhere but where we are right now. There is no need to go into details…you are either well aware of what persons, actions, incidents, or combinations of all the above brought us here; or you are blissfully unaware … following the capricious winds of chance and fate … letting them take you where they will. After all, your “mom and dad” are in the White House, and if you haven’t grown up by now, at the very least thinking about taking something akin to taking responsibility for yourself and your actions, why on earth should you start now. Thinking is soooo 20th century.

So here we are, halfway through the first quarter of the 21st century. The people have been conditioned enough to believe it is the duty of their government (there is that pesky “mom and dad” thing again) to grant their every wish. Free health care? Poof! There ya go, no problem! Want your particular race, religion, creed, and or gender to be considered not merely equal, to what was once “the norm”, but given preferential treatment or status. (Does anyone in the business of mental health and or the study of man/civilizations even consider there to be a “norm” anymore? A bar or standard set to which all else was measured … and heaven forbid perhaps being found to be different, or worse. wanting?)

The language is being dissected to the point where, for any number of reasons, clarity of thought presented via the printed page, is allowed … demanded, to be muddled. Words are banned from use. (Even if they have been used quite correctly up to this point. Try using the word “niggardly“, properly, in conversation and see what happens.) Those not banned are at any given time, bent and messaged to suit the needs of the player (mis)using them.

But enough is enough. The story nears it’s end. The country I grew up in, the values, spirit, and most of the underpinnings which kept it all together, are either long gone or have become discarded rusted out relics. Whatever happens next to the country at large, or various parts of this country, may be commented on here, but there will not be any major pontificating. Certainly there will be no hard and fast information about my preparations (or lack thereof) against the coming storm. The internet is not, and never has been a place of private fire-side chats. All the world can see what has been said (or shown) with little or no effort. The governments need even less to pry.

One last thought before closing this particular rant.

California Murderer Cop, A Staunch Democrat, Clinton and Feinstein supporter!

Perhaps the place of “home grown media” is to be the one(s) who trail just behind the journalistic Caesars, whispering in their collective ears; “Respice post te! Hominem te memento!” (Look behind you! Remember that you are but a man!”). And here again is a case of the media giants freely editing a story in order to meet their own agendas, the facts be damned. The real irony here; those on the net are doing what the media was tasked to do. Keep an eye and an ear on those in power, and pass this along to the public in order that we would know (and hopefully,remember) their excesses, and abuses of power and privilege … along with their successes…when it came time to place our ballets.

Now we have to monitor the monitors.

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