Roads Less Traveled

We are damn near a (if not “the”) fork in the road.  It is one that was a long time in coming to, but given all which has transpired in the last 100 years or so, perhaps not all that surprising that we finally arrived at this point.

Looking at the signpost what choice will you make.  Which path will you, as an American, as a human being with God given rights to “Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness” (or Property, for you purists out there), and the associated “Bill of Rights” which enable you to pursue same, will you continue your travels on?

The fork, to the left (appropriately enough) requires you to pay the tallyman.  To willingly give up many of your “rights”, a large chunk of your income, and potentially your properties as well, in order to “allow” the State to provide services to all.  It requires…demands…you ultimately serve not yourself,  your own best interests or welfare, but suborn all to the will, wisdom, and benevolence of the State and or those appointed by the State to look after it’s own agenda and concerns.  A return to serfdom at best, slavery at worst…but freemen no longer.

The other fork, is an unknown.  It looks the same initially.  There is even a Tallyman … for there will be a “Piper to be payed” down this path too.  In this case, we have no one to blame but ourselves, and for everyday we hesitate in choosing,  until the day comes when the choice be forced upon us, his fee will become increasingly higher.   After the toll, the road turns to the right, vanishing behind a hill.  It may be short with a sudden deadly drop off into the void.  Or long, eventually ending up at that “Shining city on the hill” President Ragen would have described as our potential positive destiny.  But the ultimate end of this path remains an unknown.  What is known, and understood,  is your freedoms,  rights, and responsibilities will be intact and in full force.  For choosing this path will require you to personally resolve, and hopefully, be resolute enough, to keep them.   The toll for this path will be paid in blood, sweat, and tears…in loss of fortunes and family.

Sadly today, this would be the road less traveled.  But it is the road I willingly follow.  It is the one which allows me to at least attempt looking in the mirror each morning.  It is the one which allows me to continue to honor the oath I swore so many times over the past 30-40 years.  It will be the one which allows for the greatest chance of my children, grandchildren, and future generations to at least have an honest chance of having the kinds of opportunities that my generation, and generations past had in reaching for their own versions of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

The government already has it’s list(s) of potential troublemakers, rabble-rousers  and (as far as they are concerned) malcontents.  If you are a vet, a conservative, a pro-constitution abiding, pro-freedom to chose and practice your religion of choice (it is not just anti-christian out there folks, it is at the heart of it anti-religion…they want the State to become “your god”), gun owner….well why worry about what a few words said out on the interwebs is going to do.  They will come to your door soon enough, in their own good time.   And yes, I fall into at least one or more of the above.

So it is better to hold my head up high, and let at least a few of my fellow travelers know I stand with them, as much as I am able,  than to reamin silent.

Like this fellow it is the road less traveled for me as well.



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2 responses to “Roads Less Traveled

  1. Peaceful slavery? Ithink not. Give me dangerous and rocky freedom any day.

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