Left, Right, and Center

Enough of this already.

Those on the left have their agenda(s).  There are any number on the right who do so as well.  Then there are the folks in the middle…the so called “moderates”…those who, at least as a group, appear to be asking; “Can’t we all just get along?”

There is enough blame for how things have arrived to where they are now, shared by all sides; left, right, and center.  And none of them are really offering any sort of honest and or realistic solution to the many concerns this country is challenged with at this point in time.

Do I have all the answers?

Hell no.  Heck, I am  not even sure of some of the questions.

However, it would seem to me if we adhered to at least some of the following, we would eventually arrive closer to where the majority of folks really want to be…or would at least be comfortable with same.

1.  Follow the Constitution, as written.

This is suppose to be the legitimate framework with which everything else evolves from.  So follow the damn thing already.  Not because it happens to agree with your (or your group, party, agency[s], particular agenda at the moment, but because it IS the binding document all are supposed to work under.   If you don’t like the rules, either go about the proper ways set forth in said document, to change same, or failing that, get out of “this club” and go somewhere else.

If you are a member of the government (be it civil or military), at some point or another you took an oath to either protect and defend same, or at the very least to be honor bound in following it’s proscribed tenets.  To do anything less should be cause for, at  a minimum, immediate dismissal from your position, at at most being hung from the neck until dead. (Other modes of “permanent dismissal” are optional, this was just the first which came to mind.)  That we have any number of current office holders (regardless of party affiliation) who have acted, or are currently acting in manners that in the past would have been considered treasonous…but are now looked at as little more than “business as usual  keeps my blood pressure at levels that are at best unhealthy.

2.  Leave me alone…and get the hell off of my lawn!!

In other words, keep your nose out of other people’s business, as long as it doesn’t impact you, your family, or friends.  We used to pride ourselves as being a nation where independence of spirit, and self reliance, were admirable qualities.  That one’s ultimate goal was to be “a self-made man”.   You might be accepting of charity (The real deal, not the faux version better known as “government assistance”.)  but you made damn sure you paid those who helped you out back at the very least as much as was given.  In turn, if your neighbor had fallen on hard times, you helped out when you could to get them back on their feet.  You might also be tolerant of your neighbor(s) idiosyncrasies as long as they were not negatively impacting you and yours, as they would be of yours.

So when did we become a nation of busybodies?  A land of Mrs. Kravitz-ies…your grass is too high….your flag flies too often…your garden/farm produces too much of the wrong kind of produce.  You can not sell untreated dairy products to the masses… your smoke is polluting my air (outside no less)…and the list goes on.

In short, most folks just want to be left alone.  We don’t want the State (be it federal. state, or local)  interfering with our lives and or our businesses.  Personally, the next political or media type who utters the words; “It’s for your own best interests!”, or, “But it’s for the children!”, should be tarred and feathered, and promptly run out of town, on a rail.  And that is if I am in a good mood at the time.

3.  Take care of yourself, and if applicable, your family and friends.

Charity should begin at home and to the local community.  Used to be you belonged to a church,  community group, or perhaps to some fraternal organization (Knights of Columbus, Masons, Elks, etc) which had as part of their activities, some sort of charitable arm.  These were in place to help those who may have fallen on hard times, or help rebuild the community should some sort of calamity effect same (tornado, flood, etc).  And, as mentioned above, the “faux charity” currently pushed at all levels of government, is anything but.

This is as good a start as any. I imagine you can think of a couple more.  There will be more on this (and related topics/issues) to come.   Comments, as always are welcome.


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2 responses to “Left, Right, and Center

  1. If #1 were implemented, we would have no issues with #2 and #3.

    • I Think this would hold true at least at the federal level. But the state and local levels are not quite covered the same way, and become the breeding grounds for the busybodies, and “reformers” who seek to bend others to their “enlightened” wills. Which is where most of all the problems started from in the first place.

      For example, if it were not for Chicago (and by extension, their hold on Springfield, the state capital), this state would be at the very least, centrist in it’s political views. Get rid of the source of the parasites, busybodies, and the rest, and we would not be nearly as bad off as we are now.

      But you know this already.

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