A Call to Arms

I was over at Liberty’s Torch Fran Porretto’s home on the web today. His most recent post is one which in today’s climate one might have considered asking “Do you really want to plant your flag on that hill?”

Ok, you might ask that question if you were a metro sexual left leaning weeny, followed by something along the lines of “Can’t we just get along?”

Rest assured, you won’t find anyone here asking that kinda thing…

Anyhow, back to the good Mr. Porretto’s post. I came away with a feeling that he has reached saturation IRT to the insipid followers and fellow travelers to the current administration. (And one assumes, with the current administration as well.) To that end he has fired full broadside on one of the same who happened to comment over at Breitbart Big Government. With his kind permission, it reads as fallows:

I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for.” – Howard Dean.

You are the enemy.
You are not benevolent.
Your first goal is to disarm us.
Your second goal is to eliminate privacy.
Your third goal is to criminalize our opinions.
You want power for yourselves, and nothing else.
You believe yourselves entitled to rule us absolutely.
You routinely wish for the deaths of conservative figures.
You would have us forcibly “re-educated,” if you could pull it off.
You are trying to destroy all remaining restraints on the federal government.
You’re doing everything you can to criminalize disagreement with your agenda.
You accuse your political opponents of every foul crime and motivation in the book.
And you do it with a contemptuous smirk that says “You can’t stop us no matter what you do.”

I tried to grant you the presumption of integrity. 
I can’t. You’ve forfeited all claim to decency or benign purpose. 
The only difference between you and the Communists of North Korea is your skin tone. 
From here to the end of my life, I will do all in my power to have you seen for what you really are. 
Not decent people with different opinions about what’s best, or what means are acceptable. 
Not persons agonized over America’s residuum of violence, or poverty, or racism. 
Not neighbors peacefully willing to agree to disagree with other Americans. 
You are none of those things. 
You are the enemy. 
You are villains. 

It is my belief that we have just been issued a “call to arms”. And I would have to agree with all that he said. My only thought is it fails to include just about every one else in the political arena. There are but a handful of folks who seek to see this country return to something akin to what the forefathers envisioned some 230 odd years ago. With all due respect Fran, ya only broadsided half the bastards.

And by all means go look at the original.  It strikes me (and others, in his comments) that the original layout looks very much like a pennant.  Perhaps someone with strong photoshop or gimp skills could fit the above into a pennant.  Might make for a dandy addition to one’s flag pole … right under the Gadsden flag.


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5 responses to “A Call to Arms

  1. I would only go so far as to say I am not fond of RINO’s. I think politics is blurring the line between ideologies and there is very little distinction in actions.

    The rest is oh so true. It seems like the left has gone and done everything they have claimed the establishment did.

    A lib I work with seems more than happy to say that opinions are only allowed if they agree with what he sees as acceptable. He cannot even respect the person’s right to have an opinion.

    And he sees a glaring discrepancy between tea party and patriot, uttering it as if it were a vile epithet.

    Hard to love your fellow man some days.

    • Lemur. We don’t use RINO around here. Back in less obvious times Guy came up with a better acronym that didn’t convey an image that GOP Progressives and therefor, semi-complimentary. SKUNC is Guy’s creation. But today even he doesn’t even use that, and simply calls them traitor’s outright.

      But there are still people, such as yourself, who refer to them as RINOs. But even worse, there are those who still refer to these bastards as moderate Republicans.

      Moderate? When you dare dissent with them, they are quick to label YOU as a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, or a wingnut crazy. That is the response of a moderate? Since when?

      Thus, for all intents and purposes, due both in their backing of the Democratic agenda of larger, corrupted government and in their diatribes against their own base, they have forfeited the label moderate. Call them out for what they are: Radical Left-wing Republicans. Unlike you, they have earned and deserve that label.

  2. I used to believe there was a distinct difference between the two parties. At the very least, I thought there was between their respective “core philosophies”.

    Sadly, whether due to agendas, corruption, or both, there really isn’t any major difference between the two. Both seek to subjugate the American people to their respective wishes. Individual rights and freedoms be damned.

    We are at best pawns or serfs, and at worst (soon to be) slaves.

    • Guy,

      Due to the size of your layout and sidebar width, the pennant effect isn’t as effective here as at Liberty’s Torch. If you can’t alter the dimensions, or don’t want to, you might consider two other ways to do it.

      One would be to reduce the font so that it fits within the confines of your site.

      Another is to create the pennant in a PC paint or other environment and save it as a jpeg. Then insert the jpeg into your blog. It will be too small to read well. But you can label it for the reader to click on it to enlarge it in a separate window.

      Or simply delete this comment. Leave to the readers imagination or go to the original (which doesn’t fit there too well either. Hehe)

      BTW, I noticed I messed up my comment ot Lemur King.

      It should read: “Guy came up with a better acronym that didn’t convey an image that GOP Progressives were tough (like a rhino) and therefore, semi-complimentary.” Far better to have an image for them of a varmint that stinks.

      • I thought about inserting it as a jpg file, and perhaps doing the gimp thing. On a mac here, so photo shop is currently out of the question and so is my old (windows version) of Corel Draw. But I am sure someone more talented than I will rise to the occasion.

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