It Seems To Be A World Away

So here we are, six years and around 2 months from the last time I tossed words at the Harbor wall, and see what stuck.
And so much has changed.
It doesn’t feel like six years. It feels like a lifetime.
1. There is no longer a “First Mate”. Deb was called away to begin a new chapter in her journey. It is my belief she is now free of all pain, physical and mental/emotional. That new horizons afforded her, will be beyond her wildest imaginings. I hope she is aware of as imperfect as those of us left behind are, we loved her with all our hearts. And I hope she has come to embrace all friends and family who went before her, with the greater compassion and understanding afforded one in her new state of being, grow as close as possible to all of them.

2. Tangent to the above, at some point in the not too distant future, I expect to be heading toward new digs of my own. Have a few ideas/locations in mind, time will tell as there are still some things here which need to be brought to a close. Once this happens, I expect I will do a make over on this sight, there is a lot of dust and cobwebs which need to be addressed here. More on this when and as it happens.

3. Why try and return to blogging? With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, MeWe, and the like, it seemed like the immediacy of responses and interaction between any and everyone, would bring a whole new level to the internet. It did. And blogging …, with it’s more providing of content to be digested by anyone who happened to know you were there …. provided you were on enough other persons sidebar …. and or occasionally mentioned by same, or better yet, got the occasional nod from the top tier folks. Which brought more folks at least looking at your stuff, and with any luck, comment on same. Blogs lost their fair haired status..
Unfortunately, over time, civility also declined. You might have your posts on Facebook or Twitter be reached by anyone, and they could comment on same. But you lost your ability to filter as easily as you could on a blog. And If your content offended those of a more sensitive nature (regardless if said content was true or not) it was up to the whim of the powers that be at any of the major outlets to either “fact check” your content, and/or outright temporarily ban you, or remove you entirely. Granted your hosting service could remove you for cause. But those terms were usually up front when you signed up, and usually hinged on potential legal issues and not I don’t agree with your point of view.
So that is why I am dusting this puppy off and giving it another go. I have always felt free to express myself without fear I was going to be blocked or banned at the whim of the SWJ/PC masses or their masters.
4. The world has changed since last I chronicled here. This has been especially true within the past four years or so. So much so, that had you told me, 50 years ago, what life would be like in the US (and to some extent, the world) today, I would have shook my head in disbelief and probably said you were crazy.
I will be addressing this, from my point of view, in future posts.

Finally, I will be posting again. Time and circumstance will dictate when this will be. And it may be some time before I get the Harbor back up to full speed ahead. But it will happen, unless 2021 has a few more nasty tricks up it’s sleeve,

In the mean time, welcome (back) aboard!


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5 responses to “It Seems To Be A World Away

  1. pascalfervor

    So happy to see the coiner of SKUNC back on board.

    • Thank you my friend. Next few months are going to be on again, off again. But for my other scribbles to come to fruition, This will be a good jumping off spot. Sadly, I think SKUNC is probably already beyond the bend. The Dems and their ilk have all their flags flying full, out in the open. And the GOP is but a joke, no backbone, no testicular fortitude, no adherence to, or even a proper acknoledgement of, their original platform.

  2. pascalfervor

    I understand. You would rather call the SKUNCs traitors, forget the niceties and go right for their throats,. But you’d not — yet — have many on your side. I get incensed not to send money to any GOP hopeful that calls their opponent a RINO (not even GOPe) for all the reasons I’ve long stated. It is just too damned complimentary! They needed to be purged completely decades ago. Instead they are in leadership and likely to remain there and selling us down the river to the same bidders that finance the dems. Hell, the dems are too stupid so that I suspect the GOPe are the orchestrators of it all at the behest of the lobbyists. Nah, if I had a bigger budget I’d have paid to have SKUNC be repeated by some bigger blogs. Repetition works — get your vax now, get your vax now, get your vax now. 😉

  3. I missed this original, or my brain did anyway. Been a wild time this fall.

    Yes, you hit on it. Everyone went for the crack cocaine of the Facebook and social media posts (me included) and we just… stopped… thinking.

    Everyone got more PC while becoming wildly less polite. It has been a horror. I think the blog rises again for many, especially when all that social media does is concentrate people in one spot where they are easy pickings.

    • Yes fall of this year will be a bitter pill. But maybe with the coming New Year, things will finally be looking up, as I leave the chains and battle scares of Illinois and begin a new chapter… a new journey down Florida way.

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