Together Again

As of 12:30 on the morning of Dec 5th, a fiery red head found herself in front a house she had not seen in decades. She seemed somewhat disorientated, the house was familiar, but she seemed to recall the last time she saw it, the paint did not look as fresh, the grass so green …

Rose headed toward the front door, paused, and felt the need to go around to the breezeway between house and garage, entering there instead.

The house was alive with sounds of people in conversations, pots and pans being moved about, and aromas perhaps coming from the kitchen. All this wrapped itself around Rose as she entered the breezeway. She was still a bit unclear, a fog of sorts prevented everything from falling into place. Yet Rose felt drawn to the place, and the mixture of sounds and smells not only called, but seemed to comfort her. She took the two steps up to the door of the house proper, screwed up her courage, and opened the door.

12:34 Dec 5th

As Rose entered, the fog lifted. Uncertainty replaced with clarity, Her sisters, Betty and Nibs turned almost as one and embraced her. Her Mom and Grandmother followed suit. The kitchen was almost to capacity with humanity and joy.

It looked like Christmas as Rose remembered from years past. As she remembered from years past! And I recognize everyone immediately….Rose remembers everything! It was all but gone, just before arriving at the house….her house…the one she spent many happy times in before marrying, and for many years after.

But outside was more like a sunny spring day….yet inside Yuletide reigned.
After greeting her kitchen people, Rose headed to the dining room. The table was set for a feast. And turning toward the living room, she saw the tree decorated, and someone one else. He turned, a gentle smile on his face, and looking like he did years….decades ago… he took her in his arms.
It was a Merry Christmas in a time and place close by, yet so very far away.

12;46 Dec 5th. Rose Marie Sochor passed from this life into the next, I hope that the above is what took place. She is now whole and complete. About the best, unselfish Christmas present I can think of for mom.

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