It was a dark and stormy night …

Oh okay, it was a day in early May, more years ago than I care to remember, which saw me arriving to a young couple on the edge of the hinterlands of Illinois. Eighteen years later saw me raising my right hand and repeating the first of many Oaths of Enlistment in the service of my country. And so I left the nest to seek my  fortune and fame, starting with the United States Navy.

Some 20 odd years later, found me retired from the Sea Service, still looking for my “ship to come in”, all the while waiting at the train station.

I did manage to return to the State of my birth, ending up roughly 90 miles west from where I started, smack in the middle of “the hinterlands of Northern Illinois”.

And here I reside, with my better half, within walking distance of the mighty Rock River.

Politically, I am a tad to the right of center. Though as I get older, I care less and less for any sort of party affiliation, and more and more to the protection and defending of our two most important documets.  These would be “The Declaration of Independence”, and the Constitution.

I am strongly in favor of following the United States Constitution as written. Though there are areas which need to be addressed and or changed, this can (and should) be done via the amendment process. That both major political parties in this country no longer feel the need to adhere to this documents guidelines saddens me to no end. That the citizens of this great nation, until recently, have done nothing to bring about right and proper change to the nations way of doing things politically … well, perhaps we all have only ourselves to blame (let your own conscience be your guide regarding that).

In short, if you’re the government, I don’t want your hand in my wallet, your nose (and eyes and ears) in my bedroom, and the passage of ANY regulation/law/requirement/or guideline which is “for my own good”, or “for the good of the children”, or any other excuse which may be brought up because either common sense or the facts will fail to justify it’s existence.

This goes for both sides of the political spectrum.

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  1. cruithni

    Snugg Harbor? Is that a reference to Heinlein’s book “The Number of the Beast”?

    • Why yes, it could be at that! I have enjoyed all of RAH’s novels, and short stories. Though he was not perfect, you could do a hell of a lot worse in selecting someone to read and perhaps adhering to some of his words of wisdom. In short, a good writer should get one to think (about what they have just read, and or about what bits of pontification he has placed in his works) Heinlein does this, quite well, to this ol retired Squids opinion. Oh, and welcome aboard! Thanks for stopping by.

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