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And We Sit

14 years ago, yesterday.

The world waited.

Would the United States send some sort of response immediately to points, yet unknown, in the middle east? A response for the acts of aggression taken against this country, it’s people, it’s culture (indeed the culture of Western Man written large across that particular metropolitan skyline).  An act of aggression not seen in such scope or scale since nearly 60 years previous.

That action, at least taken against a uniformed opponent, not aimed almost exclusively at an unarmed and unknowing civilian populace, started an armed conflict stretching across four years, it’s ending punctuated with two atomic exclamation points.

Could this…would this monstrous transgression propel us to the same course of action, up to and including the use of much stronger punctuation at it’s end? (Or sooner…much sooner.)

It did not.

And so now we sit.  Those of us who still chose to remember, seemingly becoming a smaller group, as the years go by.  A smaller voice.   Where once we were at least given the courtesy, of perhaps having a valid course of action, of remembering what our forefathers did, of what the generation previous to mine did.  That when faced with adversity, the kind which demanded you take no other course of action than of meeting your enemy on the field of battle.   That honor demanded….dignity demanded…moral reciprocity towards the Creator who bestowed upon all men such fundamental human rights…demanded, we act accordingly when any or all  are called into question.

Now we are treated ilke an eccentric Uncle … who after one too many beers … is relegated to the card table on the back porch, to eat his dinner alone…away from the more “diversified” adults….and far away from impressionable children.

Now we sit.   While an individual who was, at the very least,  exposed and indoctrinated, in the very ideology behind the events of 14 years ago, occupies the Oval Office.  Who for all we know, based on biased news and government sponsored PR reports, has been aiding and abetting said enemy up to and including giving them the keys to nuclear exploitation.

Now we sit.  While untold tens of thousands of the ideology of hate, behind the  events of 14 years ago, are allowed to enter this country freely.  And as our traditional rule of law crumbles and cracks, eroding away, they seek to impose their own brand of law over any and all who will allow for same.

If we sit much longer, the “war”  all but formally started 14 years ago, will have been lost.  With little more than regional battles fought in countries who have known little peace since their inception (at the end of WWI) amongst people, tribes, and cultures who have known little, if any,  peace in thousands of years.

We have done little to stem the tide.  At the very least, cause them to stay “self-contained” in their respective little hell holes of 7th-century sand and ignorance, ensuring they were unwelcome and unwanted in any part of the civilized world.  We couldn’t, or wouldn’t even do that.

And so…14 years after airborne jihad…  they have very nearly won, or are well on their way to doing so.  This will have been brought about by their doing the one thing we seem unwilling to do.  Having the will to fight…to advance their cause, their beliefs, their will, over any and all who do not believe as they do.  And it appears, to do any and everything, in order to achieve their goals.

And we sit.     And we wonder what’s next.  And we look to the political landscape pondering who will be next to take the helm of this nation.  To direct our affairs nationally and internationally.   And we look at the rest of the world … Europe is perhaps less than a generation away from existing … at least as we would have remembered her.   Israel perhaps a year away from same.  The economies of the world on the brink of collapse.   And perhaps the biggest agent, directly and indirectly behind all of these ills, is allowed to thrive and grow.

The same agent which was behind all which transpired on the 11th of September 2001.

In 14 years, it has grown stronger, more virulent.

In 14 years, we have not.

14 years from now…

Will it matter?


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Islam, Ann Barnhardt, and experiences with Islam.

Over at Eternity Road, there was a recent post, with video, on Ann Barnhardt. Specifically, it addressed her commentary about Islam, and in this particular case, its “sexual identity”. This woman is a dynamo. She is passionate about her faith, her country, her culture, and about those who would seek to diminish or destroy same. I think she could be accurately thought of as a modern-day John Adams, certainly she is a firebrand. If she wore the uniform, I would put here in the same mold as a George S. Patton. Perhaps a more snarky image (but no less accurate) would be, she is Ann Coulter, with a tad less snark, and a lot more testicular fortitude. And though I am not 100% in alignment with all she says, Ann is far more often right, than wrong.

This brings us back to what I consider to be the main thrust of her video.

1. Islam is evil, by definition, and design.
2. All good men, when knowingly faced with evil, and recognizing it as such, must act; or become part of said evil.
3. In the case of Islam, there is no black and white, all who practice it, as in following its tenants and guidelines, are by item 1’s statement above, to some lesser or greater extent, evil. There is no middle ground.

I have no problem with any of the three statements above. (These are, by the way, my interpretation of her views. Go watch the video and see if you reach the same conclusions.) It has been stated here at the Harbor, many times, that Islam, its facilitator, and practitioners, are a cancer. A malignancy advancing on all fronts of the world. We ignore, or appease it, at our cultural and civilizations peril.

The second statement is also true. This is not limited to Islam, but in facing any evil, it applies. Even if you do nothing, are passive, by taking no action against any thing which when exposed by the light of truth, is evil, than you, at the very least, are an enabler of same. What is more, you are perhaps even more vile than those who are active agents of any particular evil, for at least we know where they stand.

The third statement, in and of itself, is true. If you take the time and effort to read the Quran, and Hadith, it is a requirement to adhere, to the letter, to the first, and, at the very least, to your Iman’s interpretation of the second. It is no surprise only three major “branches” of Islam (Sunni, Shiite, and Wahhabi) “exist”, if it were not for the perceived need on all their parts to actively pursue and attack the “infidel”, they would be at odds against each other. Like the fictional Highlander series, in Islam’s case, “There can be only one.”

Any who deviate from, or leave, Islam are considered apostate. And as such are subject to persecution, prosecution, (possible) imprisonment, and finally, death. There is no middle ground on this. Which brings us to my concerns.

Given there are a billion plus Islamists throughout the world, and at present, there seems to be as much unrest and descent in any number of places where Islam exists; where are the factions which would seek to reform Islam, bringing it out of the dark, and into, at the very least, a benign state?

Does such a body of “enlightened souls” exist?

Given the violent reaction of the mainstream (it never was “just the fringe groups” or individuals) toward those who seek to modify or update Islam, is such a thing as a “moderate muslim”, or “Enlightened Islam”, even possible? Or is the legitimate “moderate muslim”, a figment of the media, and governments which have other agendas … agendas which require a blind eye being turned toward the reality of what Islam really is, and intends to do to the civilized world, given the chance.

I believe there are those who would seek to practice a benign form of Islam. But they need to make their choices now. They need to become one voice, and they need to stand well apart from the malignancy they were spawned from. The time is fast approaching where we are all going to have to make a stand. A time when being on the fence, being passive as to what is going on around us, and in the world at large, is no longer a choice, but is in fact, by the very lack of action, “a choice”.

If you profess to be Muslim, but believe this is not the “real road” your faith should travel, yet you sit quietly on the side, while allowing violence, destruction, domination, and death to be done in the name of your “religion”, than you are part of the problem, and not part of the solution. You are enabling evil to not only exist, but to profit.

Either stand up for what you believe in, or be well and truly prepared for what may eventually come to pass … the complete and total eradication of your cult, by those who see no other solution as being possible, in order to save their own.

The “good German” fell when the bombs decimated Berlin, just as quickly as the ardent Nazi. The “good (North) Korean” suffered the same fate, during the Korean War, as did the “good (North) Vietnamese. The same will happen with you, if you do not make a choice, or make an effort.

As much as it would hurt, when the time comes, should I have to be a part of it, I will not shirk from removing the threat of Islam from my shores, my state, my town. It may be nothing more than transporting them to “points of deportation”, and perhaps some sort of screening process, for we are like that here. We have learned from past mistakes (the Asian interment camps of WWII). However, should there be conflict, even on these shores, than all gloves are off. No quarter will be taken, or given.

For you will have been given the opportunity, to speak up, to stand aside from that which is evil, and you will have waited too long. It is a waiting game you can not afford to take part in. Or hope to benefit from. In the case of any and all fence sitters, he who hesitates is not only last, but lost as well.


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Pat Condell’s latest, in his continuing attempt to shine the light of truth on the roaches of Islam.

Have another post in the works, perhaps it will see the light of day, in the next day or so, family events and work permitting. In the meantime, thought you all would find the following most informative.

Pat Condell is a passonate man, and he knows a malignancy when he sees one.

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Obama channels his “inner Bush”

Commented over at Cmblakes about this. Specifically about the 112 cruse missile “turkey shoot” with the UK and France also providing air support. (At least until we can get some of our assets into the theater.) The latest screech on the LSM is Obama claims this “adventure” will only last a matter of weeks, and not months or years.

Besides the launching of this misadvised, misleading, and woefully miscalculated misadventure, on the same day, eight years apart, from President Bush’s foray in Iraq, I seem to recall the last occupant of the oval office who used cruse missiles with such mad abandon, was shown the effectiveness of same, and that was minimal at best. Cruse missiles and or air support alone will not get the job done. You are going to need boots on the ground, and strong logistic support. Neither of these things are available with our current manning levels among other things.

The other thing to consider, Saddam was a despot, a dictator, and as evil as they come. Still, he may have been ego centric as all get out, but I don’t think the man was out-and-out crazy. Quddaffy (intentional) on the other hand, is all the above, and at least one sandwich shy of a full picnic. He has already vowed to bring the “battle” to those who have sponsored this bit of muscle flexing. Whither he has his own forces do so (unlikely) or finances other agents or agencies (very possible) is a very real possibility.

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And In the middle of it all, stands Israel … alone.

With each passing moment, the official Government of Egypt comes closer to collapsing. And while the diplomats, the current administration, an other talking heads seem to be “at sixes and sevens”, from The (London) Daily Telegraph comes this:

“The American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning “regime change” for the past three years, The Daily Telegraph has learned.
The American Embassy in Cairo helped a young dissident attend a US-sponsored summit for activists in New York, while working to keep his identity secret from Egyptian state police.”
“On his return to Cairo in December 2008, the activist told US diplomats that an alliance of opposition groups had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011.”

Take a minute or two and go read the whole thing.

Now, this supposed (and I tend to believe it to be true) movement to install a “pro-democracy”, multiparty government in Egypt is going to last how long, assuming it is successful? I give it right up until the Islamists and fellow travelers decide it is time to end the charade, and impose their version of an Egyptian Islamic Theocracy in its place. And my bet would be, this will take less than a year … a year and a half tops … before it happens. I hope that when it does take place (and it will) we have remove all embassy personnel and their families from Egypt, lest we want a repeat of what took place in Iran some 32 years ago.

But wait, there’s more!

On the 12th of this month the Lebanese Government Collapsed. This brings even more instability to a region which was not all that stable to begin with. Not really sure what is going to happen there next, but it is not going to be easy to hammer out a new collation government.

Now there are riots in Jordan.

And while all this is going on Iran is trying its damnedest to enrich as much uranium as possible … for peaceful purposes … of course.

More than ever, the middle east is a powder keg, with any number of players trying to light the fuse.
If I were Israel right now, I would be on a hair-trigger alert.


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“The religion of blood and war.”

There are any number of voices, out there in the void we call the internet, “virtual Paul Revers”, verbally riding into the electronic night warning of the Islamic enemy. “Arise! Arise!! Before it’s too late.” You are being duped by a complicit media, a spineless government, bumbling bureaucracy, and leadership which has it’s own agenda (Caring little about defending the culture, the national identity, or the people at large.). All are passionate about this, and all recognize (at least to varying degrees) a very real threat exists.

But where we are perhaps only dealing with what appears to be a some what more benign strain of the Muslim malignancy (the willful destruction of the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and the potential third target which was spared due to passengers courageous actions in thwarting same, being the noted exceptions, at least for now); the people and culture(s) of Europe … the very cradle of Western civilization … are under constant and direct attack. One could argue this is a mess of their own making and design. That the signs were clearly marked for all to see had they paid attention. Much as Churchill (who is quoted in the title of this commentary) was a clarion call to appeasement being ineffective against the menace of the Third Reich, only gaining appreciation and acceptance when the Nazi wolf was literally at their door, they now are at (some might argue, beyond) the same point with the Islamists.

And this time there is no Churchill.

But there are those who are talented, passionate, and resolute enough in painting as clear and concise a picture of the threat. Showing this cultural cancer called Islam for what it really is, and not subscribing to the fictions being presented in its name.

Head over to Gates of Vienna (a worthwhile trip any day), and take a few moments to read the eloquent, but no holds barred account presented there. This needs to get out and about. Weston is saying what needs to be said and heard. My only concern is that it may already be too late. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

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Here in lies the real issue

The book burning was looked upon as being “hateful”, “idiotic”, “insensitive”. A case of one agent of one religious sect willingly seeking to denigrate another’s “holy book”. But here is the bottom line. The pastor from Florida, Terry Jones, has every right under our constitution, to openly destroy as many Korans as he can lay his hands on. You may personally agree with him or disagree, but it doesn’t change the fact he has that right. Same goes for the flag burners, the Christian icon destroyers/blasphemers, and all the other folks out there who are wanting to vocalize (via speech, print, or other art form) their point(s) of view.

Now it would seem to me, any and all members of the military would be among the first to recognize this. And, in recalling what their sworn oath said, would take a strong exception to those who seek to dissuade anyone from exercising said rights. Further more, if the enemy they are currently engaged in armed conflict with, gets their panties in a knot over this, wouldn’t that be considered a major propaganda coup?

Take a gander at the letter below. This fella says it about as well as anyone ever has. And by all means, spread the love. Take said letter and repost it. Get as many folks to see (and read) it as possible.

OPEN LETTER TO GEN. PETRAEUS (Please re-post to anti-jihad sites)

“Were the actual burning to take place, the safety of our soldiers and civilians would be put in jeopardy and accomplishment of the mission would be made more difficult.”
– Gen. David Petraeus

General, I ask you this: what in hell is your “mission” if We The People jeopardize it by exercising our First Amendment rights in our own homeland? Is your “mission” to defend our rights against foreign enemies, or to defend foreign enemies against our rights?

You made your choice, and you justified by claiming that you and those under your command have been taken hostage by our 7th Century terrorist enemy, and that the ransom demand you deliver to us is that we submit to your captor’s restrictions on our natural and constitutional rights – or they’ll kill you.

I remind you and your captors that we do not negotiate with terrorists.

And I remind you that you are the most revered general in the present day, commanding in the most powerful military in all of history, during the most justifiable war in the last seventy years. So please either remember your priorities and slaughter your captors, or resign in disgrace so that we may replace you with a warrior. And if you resign, you should do so right along with President Obama, Gen. Caldwell, Pentagon Spokesman Lapan, Sec. of State Clinton, Atty. Gen. Holder, NATO Sec. Rasmussen and all others in all branches of government and in all alliances who echoed your request, whether they did so mindlessly or with surrender aforethought.

To have our own military leaders beg us to refrain from exercising our Constitutional rights on our own soil is completely un-American. And to have you make that request of us in the name of cowardice is a shocking and unthinkable perversion I still don’t have the words for.

But I do have the plan for it. We The People will force the issue right here and now. We don’t want harm to come to our military, but if peacefully exercising our rightful freedom on our own property here in our own homeland endangers you, then we will endanger you!

We will burn the Koran for freedom and post the videos for all the world to see. We can be overt or covert, named or anonymous, sparse or numerous – but ultimately we will be unstoppable, and eventually we will be effective.

We will do this because you have no fucking right to sell our freedom down the river for the sake of our enemy’s sensitivity. We will do it because you more than have the power to defend yourselves against that enemy if only you would use it. We will do it because facing danger to defend our rightful freedom is why we pay you, train you, equip you, promote you, appoint you, deploy you, and – formerly! – revere you.

You work for us, General, not for our enemy. Therefore we will regain control over you and over this war from the command center of our own backyards. We will force you to end any of your appeasement and nation-building which would restrict our Constitutional rights. We will force you to defend yourselves and us, and to do the job you were appointed to do: destroy the enemy in defense of our freedom.

Our military has the power. We hired you to use it. Now we’ll make sure you do.
When Americans can burn our own copies of the Koran on our own soil without credible threats from jihadists or appeasement of those threats from our President and our Generals, then we will gladly stop burning them.

We are a free people, and although we clearly live in occupied territory psychologically, we do not yet live in occupied territory legally or physically. We will do as we please, and we will continue to expect all branches of our government to secure our right to do it.

I remind you that securing our rights is the only legitimate reason that governments are instituted among men in the first place, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.
And not everybody among the governed consents to surrendering our rights to terrorists.

Freedom for all,

Respectfully reprinted from the good folks over at Eternity Road

Looks like a solid “eleventy” to me!!


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911 Hard Hats

Found this site on face book today.

If nothing else, take a couple of minutes and watch the video. If you have the means to do so spend the couple of bucks it will take to send the applicable post cards to the powers that be.

The cynic in me wonders if it will really do any good. But the optimist (he is the one, lately on anti-depressives) thinks if enough cards find their way to the congressional, senatorial, administrative, mayoral, etc, etc, offices and or mail boxes … well, at the very least, it will annoy the hell out of them. And maybe this close to an election cycle, they might just do something. Or in the case of the Usurper in chief, perhaps he will shut his pie hole for once, having said far too much already.

In any case, the union folks (and all other trades folk) need to know when they are on the right page. If enough people from around the country are sending cards, especially back to the folks in NYC, they might just get the message, that the majority of the American people are behind them in their collective efforts to prevent this travesty from ever being built.

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What ideals and principles this country was founded on.

The ransom paid by not only our forefathers, but the common men and women, forever branded “patriot”, so they and future generations of Americans would have formally recognized; the inalienable rights of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

Freedom isn’t (and never has been) “free”. It is continually being paid for by the blood of good men and true, answering the call to defend same, time and time again.

When liberties and freedoms are chiseled away in order to gain, or be granted some measure of security, sooner or later you end up with neither liberties, freedoms, or security.

Hate may indeed be all consuming, destructive of the heart, mind, and soul. But a passion controlled, an anger well defined, focused and directed, are, in and of themselves, not the same as hate, and not to confuse the three.

The anger and passion you felt … after the towers fell? The Pentagon burned? A quiet Pennsylvania field exploded in flames, twisted metal, and human wreckage?

The response around the world from those who followed, or professed to follow, the “religion of peace”?

“Let’s Roll!” A war cry rallying brave souls against the mock-courage of terrorists?

Your history, your past, where you were one September morning, nine short years ago?

Let the anger, passion, the memory of that day fade, and those who embrace the agents of darkness and their actions, will, sooner or later, win.

Never forget …



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As If There Was Any Doubt

Fox News reported yesterday (via AP), “Obama Comes Out in Favor of Allowing Mosque Near Ground Zero”

Hell, even the headline pisses me off. “Obama Comes Out in Favor of …?? Our Islamist sympathizer in chief (no caps cause he doesn’t rate it … he is after all “anti-capitalist”), has always been pro-Islam. It has shown up in his speeches, his physical actions/body language, and in the deeds of his administration concerning the middle east. So how on earth, can he be “Coming out” in favor of anything, when that modifier implies at least a reasonably high chance he has applied some time in weighing the pros and cons, before making a public statement. (Hopefully after having arrived at a sound and reasoned conclusion.) It would also imply that there was some (reasonable or expected) doubt about which side of this issue he would lend the support of the oval office to. In both these cases, Obama’s stance was so much a given as to have been a no brainer. A more accurate statement would have omitted “Comes out”, and been much more to the point.

“As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country,” … “That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances,” he said. “This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable.”

In and of itself, the above is a true statement. A point of view one would hope all our Presidents would hold as a core belief. One could even argue this is similar to what the American Nazi Party did when they marched through Skokie Illinois, ostensibly for the reasons of exercising their rights to freedom of speech and assembly, when in reality all they wanted to do was soundly tweak the noses of the largely Jewish population of Skokie, and get away with it. The incident in Skokie was just that, an incident. It came and went, and once it was done, there was no victory by the idiots who marched, the only victory to be had was in the noble act of restraint, shown by the townsfolk, in honoring the Constitution. The fools who marched only showed themselves to be what they were, for any and all to see in the light of day. But it passed.

The Islamists, with their lies, their designs of tearing down this country-it’s culture-it’s history-and it’s government, along with the bands of useful idiots who actively or passively allow them to reach ever closer in achieving their aspirations, seek not “just an incident”, or an event. They won’t be trying to “tweak the nose” of the local townsfolk. They seek to kick them in the groin … repeatedly, and as often as possible.

Yes, there is a large level of religious tolerance in this country. But there is a limit as to what is permissible, given the standards of our culture. Allowing this mosque to be built, even seriously entertaining such a thought, cheapens what we are as a culture and as a people. It becomes not a case of honest tolerance and attempts to understand that which is different or alien to our culture. Rather, it shows the instigators, we are willing to appease, to give up bit by bit, that which mark us as a culture. And once the first step is successfully taken, there will be more down the road, until we are no longer a unique culture of our own, but one part of a larger parcel … one which prostrates itself, bowing to Mecca.


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