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And We Sit

14 years ago, yesterday.

The world waited.

Would the United States send some sort of response immediately to points, yet unknown, in the middle east? A response for the acts of aggression taken against this country, it’s people, it’s culture (indeed the culture of Western Man written large across that particular metropolitan skyline).  An act of aggression not seen in such scope or scale since nearly 60 years previous.

That action, at least taken against a uniformed opponent, not aimed almost exclusively at an unarmed and unknowing civilian populace, started an armed conflict stretching across four years, it’s ending punctuated with two atomic exclamation points.

Could this…would this monstrous transgression propel us to the same course of action, up to and including the use of much stronger punctuation at it’s end? (Or sooner…much sooner.)

It did not.

And so now we sit.  Those of us who still chose to remember, seemingly becoming a smaller group, as the years go by.  A smaller voice.   Where once we were at least given the courtesy, of perhaps having a valid course of action, of remembering what our forefathers did, of what the generation previous to mine did.  That when faced with adversity, the kind which demanded you take no other course of action than of meeting your enemy on the field of battle.   That honor demanded….dignity demanded…moral reciprocity towards the Creator who bestowed upon all men such fundamental human rights…demanded, we act accordingly when any or all  are called into question.

Now we are treated ilke an eccentric Uncle … who after one too many beers … is relegated to the card table on the back porch, to eat his dinner alone…away from the more “diversified” adults….and far away from impressionable children.

Now we sit.   While an individual who was, at the very least,  exposed and indoctrinated, in the very ideology behind the events of 14 years ago, occupies the Oval Office.  Who for all we know, based on biased news and government sponsored PR reports, has been aiding and abetting said enemy up to and including giving them the keys to nuclear exploitation.

Now we sit.  While untold tens of thousands of the ideology of hate, behind the  events of 14 years ago, are allowed to enter this country freely.  And as our traditional rule of law crumbles and cracks, eroding away, they seek to impose their own brand of law over any and all who will allow for same.

If we sit much longer, the “war”  all but formally started 14 years ago, will have been lost.  With little more than regional battles fought in countries who have known little peace since their inception (at the end of WWI) amongst people, tribes, and cultures who have known little, if any,  peace in thousands of years.

We have done little to stem the tide.  At the very least, cause them to stay “self-contained” in their respective little hell holes of 7th-century sand and ignorance, ensuring they were unwelcome and unwanted in any part of the civilized world.  We couldn’t, or wouldn’t even do that.

And so…14 years after airborne jihad…  they have very nearly won, or are well on their way to doing so.  This will have been brought about by their doing the one thing we seem unwilling to do.  Having the will to fight…to advance their cause, their beliefs, their will, over any and all who do not believe as they do.  And it appears, to do any and everything, in order to achieve their goals.

And we sit.     And we wonder what’s next.  And we look to the political landscape pondering who will be next to take the helm of this nation.  To direct our affairs nationally and internationally.   And we look at the rest of the world … Europe is perhaps less than a generation away from existing … at least as we would have remembered her.   Israel perhaps a year away from same.  The economies of the world on the brink of collapse.   And perhaps the biggest agent, directly and indirectly behind all of these ills, is allowed to thrive and grow.

The same agent which was behind all which transpired on the 11th of September 2001.

In 14 years, it has grown stronger, more virulent.

In 14 years, we have not.

14 years from now…

Will it matter?


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Odds and Ends, Random Neuron Madness on a Monday

1. It seems we finally received around an inch of the white stuff today. The weather guessers were forecasting anywhere from 3-5 inches. Once again proving you can have a job which pays good money, requiring you to be correct only 20-50 percent of the time.

2. The latest news (at around 1pm this afternoon) is the Grand Jury for the shooting in Ferguson MO has reached a decision …when this will be released to the general public is anyones guess. If the media spin is to be believed (yeah, right), the protesters, rioters, looters, their fellow travelers, and any who enable same, will be ready to give us a hot time in the boarded up town tonight! (Or, perhaps tomorrow?) Oh, wait perhaps this might give the more cautious ones cause to refrain…

Get your popcorn ready kids.

3. And let’s close out this bit of randomness, with a comment or two.

Some of this is perhaps a bit dated…but I have been away from the keyboard for a bit.

If the owner of a professional sports franchise wants to name his team “The (Washington) Redskins”, or the “Peter Puffers”, that should be his choice, and his choice alone. The State, assorted victims groups, and or those with agenda(s) of their own, should just shut the hell up. If the public at large finds it objectionable they have the right to “vote with their feet/pocketbook”. Vacant stands, low viewership ratings, and the like will either cause him to rethink the necessitate for the current name…or he may continue on with same knowing he is not going to be making any money off of same (or perhaps not as much money as he would like).

The same is true for any business.

I liked smoking in bars. It seemed like a very logical place to do so. If I had the money, time, and opportunity, I would have had a bar, and there would have been smoking allowed. If you don’t like it (smoking), and I understand there are many reasons for not wanting to be around same, that’s fine. But you wouldn’t see me “turning off the smoking lamp” anytime soon. Rather than banning the use of tobacco products in bars and restaurants, here’s a thought, let the market decide. If I can’t get enough patrons for my establishment, then I will face the same choices the Washington Redskins fella would above.

The State needs to be out of the “bandaging the buttheart by enacting idiotic lows”. It was never about the children, or second hand smoke. It was (always) about control, and or increasing revenue for the State. This is as true (give em time, they will figure out a way to pressure the Redskin’s owner into changing their name) with the Redskins kerfuffle as it was with the smoking. Hey, just give the LGBT community a bit of time, and you may see them attacking Green Bay in much the same manner. (At least when you put “Fudge” in front of my teams name, it sounds like a candy.)

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Veteran’s Day …

… “Thank You For Your Service”.

For those who have served, it seems we hear these words a lot more often than in decades past. For those currently serving, recently (honorably) discharged, or recently retired, these words are more familiar, something often said since at least the first Gulf War.

There was a time, some thirty years ago, or longer, these words were not heard at all. Instead, often times if a civilian happened to notice you were in the military, you would have been greeted with words of another sort. “Baby killer”, “Imperialist”, “War Monger”, are just a few which come to mind. There were others.

The more nuanced response, perhaps from “friends”, family members, or other acquaintances, would evolve into a “discussion” centering around “Why”. “Why would someone of your character, intelligence, talents, chose to embrace (for however long a time) military service?” “Were you not aware of all the other educational opportunities available (to someone like you)?” Or (particularly if it was currently, a Republican administration in the White House), “How can you serve under such a ‘regime’?” As if the President was specifically ordering me (or your fellow military member) to commit some heinous crime in his name.

To be clear, we are not talking about those who had honest questions. (What is it like on a ship at sea? What is the training like? Can an Officer really make you do anything, if he gives you an order to do so?) There are many aspects of life in the military which those who haven’t served would not have any real idea what it was like… or perhaps would base their assumptions on what they have seen on a tv show or movie. So legitimate questions were never a concern, and not what I am trying to address here.

So, forgive this ol’ retired Sailor, if I find at least some of those who offer a “Thank you for your service”, to perhaps being a bit disingenuous. From the various media talking heads, political figures and bureaucrats, right on down to some of those folks in our respective villages, cities, and towns. Would they be saying this at all, if it wasn’t the “politically correct” thing to do?

After all, most of these folks would see the military shrunk to little or nothing, if they had any direct choice in the matter. They would have no problem with voting in individuals who have little or no respect to that which all members of the military repeatedly swear an oath of allegiance to…the Constitution of the United States. And how many are, in their heart of hearts, of a like mind to that expressed in Kipling’s little ditty?
Indeed, the current administration, even while sending troops hither and yon, has exhibited little more than contempt for the health and welfare of those currently serving, let alone for those who have honorably gone before.

I guess I am still a little gun shy when a “Thank you for your service.” is sent in my direction. Don’t know if I blush anymore when hearing it, but it still gives one pause. Hell, I was just doing my job (hopefully, to the best of my ability). Wasn’t really expecting any thanks. Just the chance, when the time came, to be allowed to assimilate back into (the civilian) society, and have that which was promised (by the government) upon honorable completion of service, delivered.

If you really want to thank a vet…donate time to any of the many charitable organizations out there. Failing that, send em a buck or two, so they can continue to do the fine work they do, for those who have served or are currently serving. (The USO, Wounded Warrior Project, Navy-Marine Corp Relief Society, just to name a few.) This is the kind of thing which really says thank you…thank you for your service.

Finally, to those I have served with, and those whose paths have crossed with mine via the internet, that have…or are serving…hope today, Veteran’s Day, was one in which you were able to spend time remembering shipmates, brothers-in-arms, fellow aircrew, along with friends and family members who have worn the uniform. And if possible, have let them know they are not forgotten.

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Goodnight Mr. Bradbury

He had not returned to Waukegan since his 13th year. But Waukegan never left him. It’s presence stayed in his heart and mind. found its way into any number of stories. I would like to think, that sometime yesterday, Ray Bradbury came home. That the spirit of the man now happily roams the streets, visits his old haunts, making them his own. Oh not in a dark and foreboding fashion, one of chained spirit to past memories formed while living, rather, that of one which infuses his essence into the places which he once cherished, making them richer for having his presence there.

Certainly, if I were a librarian, or night watchman, tasked with closing up Waukegan’s Public Library(s) for the night, I might give pause to the spry 13-year-old who is still reading quietly … or the elderly silver-haired gent doing the same. If you happen to mention it is closing time, and the only response received is “That’s okay, the books and I will keep each other company, until you return.” Smile, and perhaps say “Goodnight Mr. Bradbury.”

For the world is poorer in his passing. But richer for what he left behind.
Rest In Peace Ray Bradbury.


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The Devil said “Thanks, but no thanks” to Georgia Judge’s Subpoena, fails to show in court.

I had read about the ongoing case in GA, where a judge had finally agreed to rule on President Obama’s eligibility to be President of the United States. A couple of things came to mind:

  1. If Judge Michael Malihi rules in favor for the plaintiffs, on any one of the three issues in front of him (the “fraudulent use” of at least one Social Security Number, by Obama; the validity of the most recent birth certificate produced by the White House; whither or not Obama qualifies as a “Natural Born Citizen” and thus would or would not be eligible per the Constitution to hold the office of the President.), or if the ruling is against same, will this case be pushed up to the next level for appeal? Or will it go straight to SCOTUS?
  2. Will an ultimate ruling finding Obama to be “at fault” in any of the three charges, but particularly in not meeting the basic requirement of having both parents as American Citizens at the time of his birth regarding his “Natural Born Citizen” status, cause his current term to be held “null and void”… along with all appointments, laws, and orders signed by him during said term? And would the resulting findings require an immediate impeachment process to be started? Over and above that, would at least the major implications from this include criminal charges being brought to bear against senior members of the legislative branch, for not properly vetting … or even lying/misrepresenting Obama as a qualified Presidential candidate. Would or could this also be true for the DNC at the national level and senior members of any number of the Sate branches? And how many of the members of the media might be complicit?
  3. And as an aside, what about the GOP? McCain got a “hall pass” from congress IRT his citizenship status. But this was not something which would, after all is said and done, supersede the constitution. Like it or not, McCain was not born on US soil, and as such, though he meets the requirements for US citizenship, he does not for “Natural Born Citizen”. (For future reference,  Governor Jindal does not meet the requirements either. And though he is a good man, and appears to follow conservative precepts more often than not, he … through no fault of his own … fails to meet the specific standard set by the Constitution, as neither of his parents had obtained American Citizen status, at the time of his birth.

Some food for thought here. What say ya’ll?

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Imposing Their Will

Eternity Road has been mentioned and referenced here, more than once. deservedly so. This link is no exception. Which leads to todays bit of soapbox sophistry.

First off, I believe Rick Santorum is a man of principle , and it is refreshing to see this, especially with the antithesis of that occupying the Oval Office right now.

But, and it is a very big “but”, Santorum, entitled to his personal believes as he is, (and a number of which I may privately agree with) does not have the right to impose these on the American people just because he holds these truths to be self-evident to him. It is the same path Mike Huckabee followed in his failed bid for the Presidency. And in a slightly different vein, Gingrich also falls into this trap. (His support of the failed “war on drugs”, as one example.)

But wait, there’s more!!

Bachmann had the same temperament, and to a lesser degree, so did Palin. Perry also exhibits some of this, but his saving grace is he will listen to his constituents, “backing up and regrouping” when called on going too far.

What are we addressing here? All of the above are at least passingly knowledgable about the Constitution. All have repeatedly stated they are for returning to our “Constitutional roots”, at least to some degree. All seem to be clear on external threats this country faces, or could be facing within the next few years. They all want “a return to a strong(er) America”, a unfettering of American enterprise, a strong(er) foreign policy and military.

The real problem is, all of them, to some degree, want to impose their personal moral code on each and every one of us.

The progressives, socialists, communists, and their ilk, have no moral code, so this was never an issue with them. However, they did (and do) have a consistent predilection to “know what is best for us”, along with a strong desire to want us to know “they are our betters and we should be damn glad they are willing to lead us to a better tomorrow”…whether we want to go there or not.

Short answer:

These are but opposite sides of the same coin.

They want, for good intent or ill, to control us, and the Constitution be damned!

I want to be talked with, as an adult. I want all my elected (or wanna be elected) officials to adhere to the Constitution, and to their respective sworn oaths. It’s just that simple.

Is it really too much to ask?


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Obama’s actions may justify a means to his end.

“The end justifies the means.”

How many times have we heard this particular phrase? How many times has the short and long-term results of this particular phrase, impacted you, your family, friends, community?

Granted, this type of behavior/action is not exclusive to the progressives, or their fellow travelers. There have been those, considered by many, to be on the more conservative bent, who have availed themselves of this notion. Unlike most of those of a more socialist nature, the right of center folks, when caught (as is usually the case) are soundly thrashed, by the government, their peers (on the other side of the aisle, of course), the media, and anyone else who so desires.

Think of Nixon…or more to the point Hunt, Liddy, et al, and a certain break in. We all know what happened to them. Now contrast this with Richard Daley (senior), the DNC, and the Kennedy camp. They all worked together, in one way or another, to insure Kennedy’s (JFK) path to the White House was a successful one. Chicago’s votes were crucial in locking in Illinois electoral votes. The votes were produced, one way or another. Yet crickets still chirp, instead of any hue and cry (long-delayed, or otherwise) over “voting irregularities”.

But those two examples are not nearly as damning as what we are dealing with now.

The seeds for our current state of affairs, were planted long ago. It could be argued this particular “philosophical thought” is but a negative part of human nature, beholding to no particular party or political idealism. This strikes me as being pretty close to the truth. However, it has always been used by those who are in a position of power, to either increase their power, or their control, over others. The last part often disguised as “knowing what is best for you (all)”, because we are, after all, smarter than you.

In modern times one only has to look at what took place under almost every President since (and including) FDR. This also holds true for both the House and Senate. But it is only within the past 20 years or so, up until the present day, this bit of verbiage, reached full bloom. To that end, it can be thought of as being “owned” by the progressives and their ilk, lock, stock, and barrel.

And so within the last three years, we have reaped the rewards of “the end justifying the means”.

We have a president (he does not warrant a “capital P”) who is not only unconstitutionally sitting in office (dual citizenship, regardless where he was born, does not count as being a “natural born citizen”), but one who has consistently worked at violating, not only his sworn oath of office, but the very document he was duty bound to uphold and defend…the United States Constitution.

His list of high crimes and misdemeanors is far too long (and growing … not only day by day, but in depth and scope) to be listed here. In any case, you could search the web and find countless references. Two items, stand out at the moment:

1. “Operation Fast and Furious” How much did the president know, and when did he know it? I suspect, as do others , at best, “in the loop” about what was going on. At worst, who knows?

2. While the Senates away, the jester will play. Though others have played fast and loose with the Constitution, none have, in recent memory, done so as blatantly as our current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

But of course, the ends justify the means.

The real question here should be … what “ends” is the Usurper-in-Chief trying to justify?


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“Livin on jacks and queens … Maverick is a legend of the west.”

Or so the song goes from the old Maverick television show. A series about a gambler, and a bit of a rogue, whose conscience, at the end of the day, usually won out over his wallet. A good man, in spite of himself. The kind of man John McCain would have you believe he patterns himself after. One outside of the political norm, a risk taker, a rogue if the occasion warrants.

It was, and is a myth.

He claims to be for the common man, the working man, the everyday American. But will be forever known as part of the Keating Five. His actions, or the allowing, on his part, of other’s actions, caused “the common man”, the “everyday American”, to lose large parts of their retirements. I know about this on a personal level, my grandfather lost over 40k thanks to the actions of these men.

This was a myth.

He has sworn to, “protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic …”, not only as a member of the United States Navy, but as a sitting United States Senator. So, how could he in good conscience (there’s that conscience thing again), co-sponsor the “McCain-Feingold Bill”? And there was his active support toward John “thank God I had my magic cap and leather jacket in Vietnam” Kerry, while he was being hammered by the Swiftboat Vets. (And rightly so, I might add.) How could he indorse the actions and antics of such an empty suited opportunist over the well founded and grounded information provided by “real Vietnam Vets”? Political opportunity/payback trumps “duty”, “honor”, and “country” I guess.

His honor towards his oath taking was a myth.

And now, there is this

A congressional “super committee” tasked to slow the nation’s rising debt appears to have reached consensus on dampening future cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for federal entitlement programs, including military retirement, through use of a “chain-weighted” Consumer Price Index.
Source: Tom Philpott-Military Times “dot” com, November 03, 2011

And this.

Pulling the TRICARE Prime idea from a recent Congressional Budget Office report, McCain said forcing retirees under 65 to use TRICARE Standard, the fee-for-service option, or health insurance from civilian employers, or space-available care at base clinics or hospitals, could save DoD medical accounts up to $111 billion over the next decade.

McCain, ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, was once a champion for expanded TRICARE benefits to retirees. He was not available for an interview. But a staff member explained the senator feels eliminating retiree TRICARE Prime is more acceptable than alternatives to cut equipment, training or key weapon programs needed by the current force.

“Faced with the possibility of sequester and its potential for an enormously harmful impact on national security,” he said, McCain wants the super committee to consider carefully options “that would not impose drastic negative impacts on the Defense Department, or the currently serving force and their families, while sustaining the TRICARE benefit.”

As reported here two weeks ago, McCain also has embraced President Obama’s proposal to set a $200 a year enrollment fee for TRICARE for Life, the prized supplement to Medicare for military beneficiaries age 65 and older.
Source: Tom Philpott-Military “dot” com, November 03, 2011

Once again, McCain, under the guise of “fairness”, and “making the best choices in the toughest of circumstances”, seeks to work with Democrats and others of the anti-military ilk, in stabbing he fellow veterans in the back. It costs him nothing to do so. He has money enough to be “self insured” … oh wait, he also has that nifty Senatorial medical benefit package. Something his “fellow vets” could only dream about, well unless they were federal employees too.

But let’s cut out the vets from what they were, if not promised, at least strongly suggested, would be theirs… availability of free medical. Which then became, CHAMPUS, and then TRICARE. Now TRICARE, at least in its current form, may be under the knife. This along with the traditional retirement plan. All being looked at as “fat” to be trimmed from what some folks on capital hill consider to be a bloated defense budget.

And McCain is casting his lot with these bastards.

As I have said before, years ago now, this man is not to be trusted.

Maverick? Not bloody likely. Unless you consider “Maverick” to be taken in the same context as “fallen angel”. In which case, John McCain you are in the best of company with all others damned to hell. One of Satan’s gamblers … living on the souls of Jacks and Queens, indeed.


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None Dare Call It Islam … a reflection on a day, ten years after.

I tried to write something in honor of the day, in honor of the fallen, in honor of those who have given that “last full measure of devotion” since September 11, 2001. But it just won’t come.

The words don’t fail me. There are plenty of words. The images don’t fail me. They have permanent residence in my memories, perhaps a bit dusty after ten years, but when brought to the fore into the light, they regain their power to evoke a right and proper response and sense of outrage.

It is a sense of melancholy. A case of retrospect remorse.

Not for what we did, and have done since this day, ten years ago. But for what we have not.

It has been labeled “The War On Terror”, yet even from the start, we have been quite selective in whom we engage, or where we project our military might and assets.

Some have called it “A War for Oil”, addressing the resource most readily available throughout the regin where the roots of this war reside. Those folks would be wrong. (Have you seen the price of crude lately, or what a gallon of gas is going for?)

Francis Porretto, over at Eternity Road, remembers. Neither of us has forgotten what happened that day. But perhaps of even more importance, a decade after this nation was struck with a gauntlet wielded by the Muslim malignancy known as Islam, Fran continues to address that which we should have been at war with since day one … Islam.

“We are at war with Islam. We’ve been at war with Islam for forty-one years. Let’s get serious about it.”
Source: Eternity Road, Ten Years After

And he is correct. The sooner we honestly address … put the right and proper name to the evil we are facing; the sooner we elect to seriously take the fight directly to our enemy; to prosecute this war, as one we fully intend to win, then and only then will there be an honest reckoning for those who fell ten years ago today. Then and only then, will there be something akin to a squaring of accounts for the Marines lost in a barracks in Lebanon, Sailors killed and scared from the USS Cole, Spirits, and perhaps lost souls which still haunt Lockerbie…this being just a sample, from a list much longer.

Remember September 11, 2001. Never Forget.

More importantly, remember the root cause of same. Give that evil its right and proper name. Resolve to fight this evil with all your heart and soul. For it wants nothing more than to devour yours.


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Hurricane Irene, or how the media attempts to inspire panic by taking Mother Nature in vain.

By all accounts there is a hurricane progressing toward the eastern seaboard of the United States. It also appears this will be the first major storm to make a direct hit on New York City since Hurricane Gloria (a category 2 hurricane) did so, back in 1985. Notice I said major storm, vice hurricane. Though all reasonable precautions should be taken, and if you know your particular neck of the woods is prone to flooding, it would be wise to seek higher ground before this storm makes such a move impossible. A major hurricane, one of category 4 or 5 status, would be just that, a major hurricane. Such is currently not the case with Hurricane Irene. While I am pondering this post, Irene is actually decreasing in strength, though this may change … hurricane prognostication is not an exact science, the whims of God and Nature are still outside the purview of even the best, and well intentioned weather guessers.

And that is my point. The media, specifically the various “weather channels” and 24hr news outlets, would have you believe at least one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse is going to be making a personal showing, atop his steed at the forefront of the approaching malstrom, as it makes landfall in the States, sometime this weekend. Inform the public at large, give the facts, provide as honest a near term forecast as possible, and that should be the extent of it. Throwing out worst case scenarios, speculation(s) based on an untold number of computer models, and or your inner id’s demand for sensationalism, does not help anyone.

Indeed, there are many who are ignoring all the warnings, both good and ill, staying home and shoring up for what may be coming. And to some extent, who can blame them. After all human nature is not all positive. Granted there are those who, based on personal experience, a strong understanding of their immediate environment (home and surrounding area), and a strong sense of self, will elect to wait out the storm. They will most likely be successful. There are others, many others, who fail to meet any one, or all of the criteria which their successful fellow traveler has met. So, they will find themselves, quite possibly at the mercy of Mother Nature, before the current storm completely passes them by (or perhaps very shortly there after). Of course there are those who “just don’t care”. Ironically, they are much like the drunk who gets into a collision, many times escaping with little physical injury (Or is completely splattered. They seldom, if ever find the middle ground.), and so will escape the storm with little worse than a hang over.

So for those of you who seek something to balance the scales of sensationalism a bit. Being well aware of the danger, but knowing literally which way the wind blows (and can convert from miles per hour to knots per hour). Along with those who “just don’t care. I have come up with an alternate “scale” for rating hurricanes. Instead of Categories 1-5, based on sustained wind speed inside of the storm … I give you the “Beer-hord Scale”

It breaks down as follows.

Tropical Depression/Storm = 2 six packs
Tropical Storm/Cat 1 Hurricane = 2 six packs up to 1 Case at Cat 1
Cat 1-2 Hurricane = 2 Cases
Cat 2-3 Hurricane = 2 Cases up to 4 cases when reaching Cat 3
Cat 3-4 Hurricane = 1 Keg
Cat 5 Hurricane = 2 Kegs

This also helps to validate the shelves being emptied, at a terrifically high rate of speed, from most grocery and liquor stores, as a given approaching storm becomes more of an immediate treat.

The picture below, should also be implemented to help said stores prepare for the onslaught of potentially storm ravaged customers, in need of liquid courage.

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