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Hell is paved with good intentions.

Or so the old saying (correctly) goes. This being the case, there must be not only a major housing shortage in the empire of the damned, but a preponderance of progressives as well.

Just a thought, while listening/reading about the current goings on inside the beltway. It seems the Senate has “re-written” the rules as to what constitutes a majority … effectively all but killing off the filibuster as a tool. There were supposed “good intentions” behind this, in reality it was little more than an exercise in exerting control, of grabbing (more) power.

Meanwhile, the Pretender in Chief, in between golf outings and jet setting hither and yon, stopped to deliver a speech commemorating the events of some 150 years ago, at a little place called Gettysburg. A number of folks around the net, and elsewhere, noted the petulant POTUS neglected to include the words “Under God” in quoting Lincoln’s original address. After having been exposed to the former part-time Senator from the People’s Republik of Illinois (“Where our governors make our license plates!” © ), up to the present day, why is this surprising? His past record indicates he has no real affiliation with the Judeo-Christian God, other than lip service and snoozing through the twisted theological ramblings of his “former paster”, on the south side of Chicago. There is a stronger case to be made he is, if not a practicing Muslim, at least via childhood indoctrination, very favorably predisposed to same.

Add to this mix the various rumblings of impeachments (to either the AG, Holder, and or POTUS himself), if one believes the various links provided by Drudge and others. Or the threat of charges (criminal or otherwise) against other members of Obama’s clown car cabinet/administration.

Is it any wonder why so many have given up the ghost as far as blogging goes? Aside from the fact it has become increasingly hard to keep up with what new indiscretion, transgression, or acts of suppression are brought to light with each passing day. There comes a point when it all sends one beyond a sense of surrealism … and straight into the Twilight Zone. (Bypassing the Outer Limits entirely!)

It has past the point of becoming enraged after hearing all of the above, and each new “misadventure” with each passing day.

President is either in direct violation of, is out and out ignoring, or both, any number of sections and or amendments to the Constitution. “Congress and the Senate, after deliberation, follow suit.”

Any number of passed cabinet members and or leaders of the various “alphabet agencies” are alleged/suspected of doing same.

The charge of Treason, as proscribed in the Constitution, has been met or exceeded by any number of the above, up to and including POTUS.

Yet nothing is done. Words are spoken, air is moved, ink (real or virtual) is allowed to dry on paper.

I fear we, as Americans, are far too comfortable, that our standard of living is so high, there is a much longer distance to fall before we become willing to bring about the real change needed to make those who are allowed to govern realize they serve at our pleasure, and not theirs.

My desire to write is returning. Perhaps not so much out of anger, as it is a somewhat sadden bemusement. I am old enough to remember what it was like to live in a time when we at least thought we had some control over our collective destiny? When one thought their vote still mattered (at least outside the city of Chicago and the county of Cook). Where you may have suspected there was some level of corruption going on in government, but that at the end of the day, even those bastards recognized “We are America damn it! And when we recognize a threat to us, our culture, our country, we will stop the internal bickering and collectively kick your ass!”

Heck, file this whole thing as a bit of rambling from an old retired Sailor…trying to get away from good intentions…going straight to “I aim to misbehave!”


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It Has Been Some Time …

… since I last posted.

And any number of reasons may be behind this. But I think it is time to shake the dust off the old girl, and at least try to have a go of it again.


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Roads Less Traveled

We are damn near a (if not “the”) fork in the road.  It is one that was a long time in coming to, but given all which has transpired in the last 100 years or so, perhaps not all that surprising that we finally arrived at this point.

Looking at the signpost what choice will you make.  Which path will you, as an American, as a human being with God given rights to “Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness” (or Property, for you purists out there), and the associated “Bill of Rights” which enable you to pursue same, will you continue your travels on?

The fork, to the left (appropriately enough) requires you to pay the tallyman.  To willingly give up many of your “rights”, a large chunk of your income, and potentially your properties as well, in order to “allow” the State to provide services to all.  It requires…demands…you ultimately serve not yourself,  your own best interests or welfare, but suborn all to the will, wisdom, and benevolence of the State and or those appointed by the State to look after it’s own agenda and concerns.  A return to serfdom at best, slavery at worst…but freemen no longer.

The other fork, is an unknown.  It looks the same initially.  There is even a Tallyman … for there will be a “Piper to be payed” down this path too.  In this case, we have no one to blame but ourselves, and for everyday we hesitate in choosing,  until the day comes when the choice be forced upon us, his fee will become increasingly higher.   After the toll, the road turns to the right, vanishing behind a hill.  It may be short with a sudden deadly drop off into the void.  Or long, eventually ending up at that “Shining city on the hill” President Ragen would have described as our potential positive destiny.  But the ultimate end of this path remains an unknown.  What is known, and understood,  is your freedoms,  rights, and responsibilities will be intact and in full force.  For choosing this path will require you to personally resolve, and hopefully, be resolute enough, to keep them.   The toll for this path will be paid in blood, sweat, and tears…in loss of fortunes and family.

Sadly today, this would be the road less traveled.  But it is the road I willingly follow.  It is the one which allows me to at least attempt looking in the mirror each morning.  It is the one which allows me to continue to honor the oath I swore so many times over the past 30-40 years.  It will be the one which allows for the greatest chance of my children, grandchildren, and future generations to at least have an honest chance of having the kinds of opportunities that my generation, and generations past had in reaching for their own versions of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

The government already has it’s list(s) of potential troublemakers, rabble-rousers  and (as far as they are concerned) malcontents.  If you are a vet, a conservative, a pro-constitution abiding, pro-freedom to chose and practice your religion of choice (it is not just anti-christian out there folks, it is at the heart of it anti-religion…they want the State to become “your god”), gun owner….well why worry about what a few words said out on the interwebs is going to do.  They will come to your door soon enough, in their own good time.   And yes, I fall into at least one or more of the above.

So it is better to hold my head up high, and let at least a few of my fellow travelers know I stand with them, as much as I am able,  than to reamin silent.

Like this fellow it is the road less traveled for me as well.


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Time passages

“It was late in December, the sky turned to snow
All round the day was going down slow
Night like a river beginning to flow
I felt the beat of my mind go
Drifting into time passages
Years go falling in the fading light
Time passages
Buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight”

From: “Time Passages” 1978, by Al Stewart

It was a low-keyed Christmas this year. Enough snow on the ground to give a half-hearted effort towards the “White Christmas” standard on expects, and the temperature stayed in the margins of a winter wonderland, vice an arctic blast from the Canadian plains.

Food was plentiful, wonderful smells sending advance waves of anticipation, pleasing to the tongue, and taste-buds. Coffee, teas, nogs, and more, were at the ready, to quench the thirst of any takers. Deserts stood by, in the rear guard. Pies, cookies, and various candies, there to round out the holiday feast.

Few presents were exchanged, and this year saw no tree or lights adorning the house, inside or out. It wasn’t due to a lack of money, for the first part, or a disappearance of bags and boxes marked “Christmas Lights” and “X-Mass Tree”, on the other.

This year would see one special person in the family given the gift of peace. We would not be the ones who directly gave her this gift, and all in the family would feel the aftereffects of this gift being “accepted”.

Deb’s mom dealing with attacks to mind, body, and spirit over the past few years, particularly within the last five months or so, accepted her call to close out this final chapter here on earth. On the day after Christmas, she completed her transition from this level of existence, to the next. No longer in pain. No longer restricted, in a body which ceased to honor her will, wishes, or desires. She was set free…to be at rest…and at peace.


I remember when Isabella’s first opened, down Grand Prairie Texas way, in a little hole in the wall at Marshal Plaza. In the space of two years, the big move down the road to where they exist to this day. All the fellow military from the old NAS Dallas who worked there over the years. LEO’s from various cities, both counties, and probably a few Texas Rangers as well, who graced the tables.

The delivery drivers used to compete against each other to see who could make the most tips (and some of the tips….well, there were very interesting stories told about them) on any given evening.

One time when Howard (the owner, fellow retired Navy type, and most importantly, friend) and I raced out of there, as soon as we could close up (Want to say it was a Monday or Tuesday night), to go and see the first Star Trek film. We hopped in my car, an old Mazda RX2 with the rotary engine, and broke land speed records to make it to the theater in time, getting there just a few minutes before it started.

Holidays were always special. The egg-nog and sangria would be flowing, food (and not just Italian) was consumed in mass quantities…and gifts exchanged. And yes, I still have the Navy fight jacket Howard gave me better than 25 years ago. (It saw time overseas btw, in Asia, the Med, and Atlantic)

The pizza was outstanding, the cheesecake “to die for”…but for me the best part of Isabella’s was the people. Howard and Iz were the spark that gave the place life, and character, the rest of us “supporting cast”, added our own little idiosyncrasies…for a bit of added flavor. But Isabella’s would never have been what it was, and what it came to be, without Howard and Izzie.

The mixer will silently sit, ovens cold and stoic their cavernous maws empty, chairs at rest atop their respective tables. All will be silent, and the community will be all the poorer for it.

The memories will live on long after the doors finally close. Those of us who worked (and sometimes, I think, lived) there….the customers who came back time and time again…the families and friends who became permanently intertwined….we are all the richer from the bounty of memories made there.

So the year comes to a close. We are left with memories, and that will have to do. Allowing for the occasional time passage, especially as one gets older, with less time at hand for the future, but an ever-increasing supply of memories…a luxury, an earned mental liquor, to be sipped on a cold winters eve.

Mom and Isabella’s … both provided comfort, joy, the living of life in large chunks. Both were loved and will be treasured.

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The Devil said “Thanks, but no thanks” to Georgia Judge’s Subpoena, fails to show in court.

I had read about the ongoing case in GA, where a judge had finally agreed to rule on President Obama’s eligibility to be President of the United States. A couple of things came to mind:

  1. If Judge Michael Malihi rules in favor for the plaintiffs, on any one of the three issues in front of him (the “fraudulent use” of at least one Social Security Number, by Obama; the validity of the most recent birth certificate produced by the White House; whither or not Obama qualifies as a “Natural Born Citizen” and thus would or would not be eligible per the Constitution to hold the office of the President.), or if the ruling is against same, will this case be pushed up to the next level for appeal? Or will it go straight to SCOTUS?
  2. Will an ultimate ruling finding Obama to be “at fault” in any of the three charges, but particularly in not meeting the basic requirement of having both parents as American Citizens at the time of his birth regarding his “Natural Born Citizen” status, cause his current term to be held “null and void”… along with all appointments, laws, and orders signed by him during said term? And would the resulting findings require an immediate impeachment process to be started? Over and above that, would at least the major implications from this include criminal charges being brought to bear against senior members of the legislative branch, for not properly vetting … or even lying/misrepresenting Obama as a qualified Presidential candidate. Would or could this also be true for the DNC at the national level and senior members of any number of the Sate branches? And how many of the members of the media might be complicit?
  3. And as an aside, what about the GOP? McCain got a “hall pass” from congress IRT his citizenship status. But this was not something which would, after all is said and done, supersede the constitution. Like it or not, McCain was not born on US soil, and as such, though he meets the requirements for US citizenship, he does not for “Natural Born Citizen”. (For future reference,  Governor Jindal does not meet the requirements either. And though he is a good man, and appears to follow conservative precepts more often than not, he … through no fault of his own … fails to meet the specific standard set by the Constitution, as neither of his parents had obtained American Citizen status, at the time of his birth.

Some food for thought here. What say ya’ll?

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A Newt World Order?

It appears Newt Gingrich is going to handily walk away in the SC primary. Romney will place second, and Santorum third. Dr. Paul grabs the fourth place slot.

Couple of things are of interest:

1. Despite Gingrich’s marital fidelity issues, and in particular, his second wife’s “interview” with ABC being aired a couple of days before the South Carolina Primary, appears to have done exactly the opposite of what that media outlet (and it’s enablers) intended. Looking at the poll results, at Fox News, specifically at women voters we find 38% voted for Gingrich. Even more surprising is of those who claimed to be married voted in even greater numbers at 41%, non-married carried 38%. So either they are acting much like Democratic women did with Clinton, or there is something else going on here.

2. Santorum has a lot of interesting ideas, some of which I can agree with, particularly his stance on Islam, and sharia law. Dr. Paul has a number of points, especially on the fiscal/domestic side of the house, which I could very easily get behind, but his foreign policy, military stance, and take on Israel make him a non-player. Romney being little more than “Obama lite”, has no redeeming value in my eyes, other than he would arrive slower to the same destination Obama and company are steering us toward now. But with all these folks there is one thing they will have to deal with. And that is the House and Senate; the Legislative branch. Gingrich, for all his warts and blemishes, knows how to do so, and probably has the best record of all other candidates in this. However, even Newt may have to realize some battles will not be won, or perhaps will have to be fought another day. The big difference between any of the above and Obama, they all will return to the “constitutionally mandated boundaries” between the three branches of government. The GOP has not (yet) crossed the lines the current administration has, and I don’t see this happening…at least for now.

3. Gingrich is the last of the remaining candidates who apparently is not afraid to directly confront the media, calling them out for their duplicity in both the kinds of “questions” asked, and in failing to apply these same “tactics” against anyone who doesn’t happen to have an “R” after their name. He also is the only one (remaining) who consistently has called out Obama, his cronies. and his policies as being nothing short of (at the very least) Socialism, or having tactics taken directly from the Alinsky playbook.

Of all the above, the third one is what is resonating with voters. They want someone who is going to challenge the left. They want someone who is willing to at least try to level the playing field. They want someone who will (hopefully) bring this country back toward its founding documents. He does not have to be a saint. But he does have to listen, and he does have to lead, and he does have to put America…her fiscal health, her best interests both foreign and domestic, and her “American Dream”, back on the front burner. If Gingrich can accomplish that. If he can stay on track, on focus with these ideals, I predict he can not only win the GOP Primary, but the national election come next November. If he gets off target, or gets too full of himself, than all bets are off.

As mentioned on twitter; We have been looking for a leader, for someone to at least aspire to the mantle of Reagan. What we have the potential of having is an actual “Churchillian moment”. Where a once unpopular and shunned, but intellectually astute individual, fell from power, came back to lead his people through the toughest of times imaginable. Winston Churchill was that for Great Britain during the war years. Could Gingrich be “our Churchill”?

I would be remiss if I didn’t “give a doff of the squid lid” to the following two articles. They both influenced the above.

this editorial at IBD
and of course,Fran, at Eternity Road . Thank you gentlemen!

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A Short Story Challenge

Aggie, over at Sithy Things has issued a “short story challenge”. I picked up the gauntlet and stumbled around as best I could. Here is my response, at least for now.


Have added a “Short Story” category on the bottom right side of the blog. I will be adding old stories, and update(s) to the current *cough* *sputter* “epic”, there. If you are so inclined, check em out.


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Imposing Their Will

Eternity Road has been mentioned and referenced here, more than once. deservedly so. This link is no exception. Which leads to todays bit of soapbox sophistry.

First off, I believe Rick Santorum is a man of principle , and it is refreshing to see this, especially with the antithesis of that occupying the Oval Office right now.

But, and it is a very big “but”, Santorum, entitled to his personal believes as he is, (and a number of which I may privately agree with) does not have the right to impose these on the American people just because he holds these truths to be self-evident to him. It is the same path Mike Huckabee followed in his failed bid for the Presidency. And in a slightly different vein, Gingrich also falls into this trap. (His support of the failed “war on drugs”, as one example.)

But wait, there’s more!!

Bachmann had the same temperament, and to a lesser degree, so did Palin. Perry also exhibits some of this, but his saving grace is he will listen to his constituents, “backing up and regrouping” when called on going too far.

What are we addressing here? All of the above are at least passingly knowledgable about the Constitution. All have repeatedly stated they are for returning to our “Constitutional roots”, at least to some degree. All seem to be clear on external threats this country faces, or could be facing within the next few years. They all want “a return to a strong(er) America”, a unfettering of American enterprise, a strong(er) foreign policy and military.

The real problem is, all of them, to some degree, want to impose their personal moral code on each and every one of us.

The progressives, socialists, communists, and their ilk, have no moral code, so this was never an issue with them. However, they did (and do) have a consistent predilection to “know what is best for us”, along with a strong desire to want us to know “they are our betters and we should be damn glad they are willing to lead us to a better tomorrow”…whether we want to go there or not.

Short answer:

These are but opposite sides of the same coin.

They want, for good intent or ill, to control us, and the Constitution be damned!

I want to be talked with, as an adult. I want all my elected (or wanna be elected) officials to adhere to the Constitution, and to their respective sworn oaths. It’s just that simple.

Is it really too much to ask?


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Obama’s actions may justify a means to his end.

“The end justifies the means.”

How many times have we heard this particular phrase? How many times has the short and long-term results of this particular phrase, impacted you, your family, friends, community?

Granted, this type of behavior/action is not exclusive to the progressives, or their fellow travelers. There have been those, considered by many, to be on the more conservative bent, who have availed themselves of this notion. Unlike most of those of a more socialist nature, the right of center folks, when caught (as is usually the case) are soundly thrashed, by the government, their peers (on the other side of the aisle, of course), the media, and anyone else who so desires.

Think of Nixon…or more to the point Hunt, Liddy, et al, and a certain break in. We all know what happened to them. Now contrast this with Richard Daley (senior), the DNC, and the Kennedy camp. They all worked together, in one way or another, to insure Kennedy’s (JFK) path to the White House was a successful one. Chicago’s votes were crucial in locking in Illinois electoral votes. The votes were produced, one way or another. Yet crickets still chirp, instead of any hue and cry (long-delayed, or otherwise) over “voting irregularities”.

But those two examples are not nearly as damning as what we are dealing with now.

The seeds for our current state of affairs, were planted long ago. It could be argued this particular “philosophical thought” is but a negative part of human nature, beholding to no particular party or political idealism. This strikes me as being pretty close to the truth. However, it has always been used by those who are in a position of power, to either increase their power, or their control, over others. The last part often disguised as “knowing what is best for you (all)”, because we are, after all, smarter than you.

In modern times one only has to look at what took place under almost every President since (and including) FDR. This also holds true for both the House and Senate. But it is only within the past 20 years or so, up until the present day, this bit of verbiage, reached full bloom. To that end, it can be thought of as being “owned” by the progressives and their ilk, lock, stock, and barrel.

And so within the last three years, we have reaped the rewards of “the end justifying the means”.

We have a president (he does not warrant a “capital P”) who is not only unconstitutionally sitting in office (dual citizenship, regardless where he was born, does not count as being a “natural born citizen”), but one who has consistently worked at violating, not only his sworn oath of office, but the very document he was duty bound to uphold and defend…the United States Constitution.

His list of high crimes and misdemeanors is far too long (and growing … not only day by day, but in depth and scope) to be listed here. In any case, you could search the web and find countless references. Two items, stand out at the moment:

1. “Operation Fast and Furious” How much did the president know, and when did he know it? I suspect, as do others , at best, “in the loop” about what was going on. At worst, who knows?

2. While the Senates away, the jester will play. Though others have played fast and loose with the Constitution, none have, in recent memory, done so as blatantly as our current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

But of course, the ends justify the means.

The real question here should be … what “ends” is the Usurper-in-Chief trying to justify?


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Top Ten Peeves of a Harbor-ish Nature

1. Anyone whose actions have the potential to harm (specifically) me or my family and friends. In the broader sense, have the potential to harm anyone. In this case, drivers who feel they have a rendezvous with destiny, requiring them to drive like a bat outta hell. Swerving in and out of traffic, on a 4 lane interstate (two lanes both ways), or a two lane county road. We are not even talking about road rage here, just drivers being rude to the point of placing their needs above all others on the road.

2. “Canned” music in grocery, department, or any other, stores. Especially when you work there, and have to hear the same music over and over and over … again. Maybe the store won’t (or can’t) change the channel, but the folks who feed the music in could update their tunes at least once a month? Come on! There is enough “contemporary (adult) pop” out there which would allow for some sort of rotation to be done.

3. Having music which you grew up with being played in the stores via the above. If I may borrow from her Majesty, The Queen, “We are not only NOT old enough to have our cherished tunes of youth bandied about the muzac-al airwaves, WE are NOT amused!”

4. It is high time to declare “Zero Tolerance” on any person, group, agency, or place, which practices or honors “Zero Tolerance”! (Yes, Public Schools at all grade levels, I am speaking to you!)

5. I don’t care what political party you chose to follow and or believe in. I don’t care which political party my local, state, and federal elected office holders belong to. All I ask is all of you adhere to the guidelines and specific restrictions applicable to you, as called out in the Constitution. Is that too much to ask? We can debate your pluses and minuses after we at least agree to honor that charter which allows you to hold office in the first place.

6. The only hyphenated word I want to see, is one which is required by Webster’s to be there. (Okay, Oxford qualifies as well.) In my world, there is no such thing as a hyphenated American. You either is an American, or you isn’t!

7. Enough with “The War On …” (fill in the blank) already! We no longer seem to be able to fight a “real” war with any sort of clear-cut sense of either what the real cost to us all is going to be, or with any concrete objective(s). If we are going to fight a “War on Terror”, than let’s address the real issues/culprits, and go about eliminating same…or not fight at all. This is also true for the pseudo wars, on drugs, on crime, on poverty, (you get the drift) either we do what is needed to eliminate “the core issue/problem/concern”, or realize there is no “real fix”, or find another solution. Cause what we have now, in all cases above, isn’t working.

8. Smarmy newscasters. Don’t care what side of the political spectrum gives you a tingle up or down your leg. Keep your opinions to the editorial comment part of the show. When it is time for the news, or an interview, keep your damn opinions to yourself. Oh, and how about a little fact checking, and objective information from both sides of any given issue (no nutjobs from either side). Let the listening/viewing/reading public have the facts (you do remember those don’t you “Who, WHat, Why, When, Where, and How) and we will decide for our own damn selves about how we should address or react to the news.

9. Political Correctness. Let me put this as gently as I can. Unless I have personally slandered you or your family, or caused you harm by my words, than STFU! If I tell an off-color joke, or happen to expound on the many faults of Islam (for example), or something else which offends your delicate sensibilities, too bad. Now I may be a bore for doing so in various places and at various times, but enough with the thin skin already! (Palin leaping on the use of “retard” comes to mind, as a prime example of political correctness…and of being thin-skinned. And I like a lot of her stances. Just goes to show this toxic mind mush can effect anyone.)

10. “Compassionate Conservatism” People, People, People!!! You are either compassionate or you are not (granted, it can, and does, vary by degree on a person by person basis). It has nothing to do with your political view. This is little more than one side admitting to the other, they were right all along. Conservatives, as a rule, were NOT compassionate…that there was a problem in “our camp”. Individual compassion will be expressed, and known to those parties involved, or at the very least (if done anonymously) between the compassionate one and their God. And that is, and should be, more than enough.

And there is my “Top 10 List of Peeves”. Thanks Aggie! See what happens when you get me started?


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