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“Be careful in what you wish, for it may just come true”

So goes the old adage. Well, one of my commenters on this post, Laura (and thanks for stopping by) said she was holding out for a “Circus Peanut” wine.

Did a quick search for peanut wine, and none exist to my knowledge (though there appear to be an almond and cashew wine out there somewhere). However, I did find this

for the rum nuts!
Castries Creme is a smooth and tantalizing peanut rum cream that artfully blends premium roasted peanuts with award winning St. Lucian Rum. A peanut and rum liqueur! Who’ed a thunk!!
You can read more about them here.

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Okay, Just for Dick!

Here is a little Harry Connick Jr.

And for those who like listening to the fairer sex, who better than Diana Krall.


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Name anyone on the current music scene …

… who has half the talent this gent had in his prime. Go ahead, I dare ya.

Always admired Sammy Davis. He was a consummate entertainer, and could do it all with ease. And if the above didn’t give you some sort of emotional response, ya might want to get an appointment set up with your doc, cause there may be some heath issues needing to be addressed.

As for what got me to the above, you have to thank this gal. The title of her post, “That Old Black Magic”, got me to searching youtube to see if I could find that old standard. Didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did find this:

Recorded in March of 1955 in New York, on the Decca label.

But the one I really got a kick out (and listened to first) was this:

From there it was but a short hop to the first video at the start of this post.

So anyhow, thanks Aggie, for sending me back down a musical memory lane.


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