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And We Sit

14 years ago, yesterday.

The world waited.

Would the United States send some sort of response immediately to points, yet unknown, in the middle east? A response for the acts of aggression taken against this country, it’s people, it’s culture (indeed the culture of Western Man written large across that particular metropolitan skyline).  An act of aggression not seen in such scope or scale since nearly 60 years previous.

That action, at least taken against a uniformed opponent, not aimed almost exclusively at an unarmed and unknowing civilian populace, started an armed conflict stretching across four years, it’s ending punctuated with two atomic exclamation points.

Could this…would this monstrous transgression propel us to the same course of action, up to and including the use of much stronger punctuation at it’s end? (Or sooner…much sooner.)

It did not.

And so now we sit.  Those of us who still chose to remember, seemingly becoming a smaller group, as the years go by.  A smaller voice.   Where once we were at least given the courtesy, of perhaps having a valid course of action, of remembering what our forefathers did, of what the generation previous to mine did.  That when faced with adversity, the kind which demanded you take no other course of action than of meeting your enemy on the field of battle.   That honor demanded….dignity demanded…moral reciprocity towards the Creator who bestowed upon all men such fundamental human rights…demanded, we act accordingly when any or all  are called into question.

Now we are treated ilke an eccentric Uncle … who after one too many beers … is relegated to the card table on the back porch, to eat his dinner alone…away from the more “diversified” adults….and far away from impressionable children.

Now we sit.   While an individual who was, at the very least,  exposed and indoctrinated, in the very ideology behind the events of 14 years ago, occupies the Oval Office.  Who for all we know, based on biased news and government sponsored PR reports, has been aiding and abetting said enemy up to and including giving them the keys to nuclear exploitation.

Now we sit.  While untold tens of thousands of the ideology of hate, behind the  events of 14 years ago, are allowed to enter this country freely.  And as our traditional rule of law crumbles and cracks, eroding away, they seek to impose their own brand of law over any and all who will allow for same.

If we sit much longer, the “war”  all but formally started 14 years ago, will have been lost.  With little more than regional battles fought in countries who have known little peace since their inception (at the end of WWI) amongst people, tribes, and cultures who have known little, if any,  peace in thousands of years.

We have done little to stem the tide.  At the very least, cause them to stay “self-contained” in their respective little hell holes of 7th-century sand and ignorance, ensuring they were unwelcome and unwanted in any part of the civilized world.  We couldn’t, or wouldn’t even do that.

And so…14 years after airborne jihad…  they have very nearly won, or are well on their way to doing so.  This will have been brought about by their doing the one thing we seem unwilling to do.  Having the will to fight…to advance their cause, their beliefs, their will, over any and all who do not believe as they do.  And it appears, to do any and everything, in order to achieve their goals.

And we sit.     And we wonder what’s next.  And we look to the political landscape pondering who will be next to take the helm of this nation.  To direct our affairs nationally and internationally.   And we look at the rest of the world … Europe is perhaps less than a generation away from existing … at least as we would have remembered her.   Israel perhaps a year away from same.  The economies of the world on the brink of collapse.   And perhaps the biggest agent, directly and indirectly behind all of these ills, is allowed to thrive and grow.

The same agent which was behind all which transpired on the 11th of September 2001.

In 14 years, it has grown stronger, more virulent.

In 14 years, we have not.

14 years from now…

Will it matter?


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GOP Core Values…because if we change the words a bit…maybe you’ll come back.

It’s time for some more tom-foolery from our friends at the GOP!

Yes, I received an email (unsolicited) from the Grand Old Party today. It seems they have “based on my feedback”, “compiled a list of what it means to be a Republican”.

That I haven’t directly talked with, texted, or mailed (e-mail or otherwise) any “feedback” to any individual member of said party, or to the party itself, I am assuming they are qualifying that statement as being “feedback received from their membership at large”, and not any one particular individual.

So let’s take a look at the “New and Improved” ™ “ GOP “Core Values”!!

“I believe that our:

County is exceptional

(Oh, I see, you left out) “…but not for long. “ There, fixed it for you. As based on the actions of most of the senior members of the GOP in the house and senate, this would certainly be the case.

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Spring Has Sprung…

the grass has riz, I wonder where the flowers

I wonder where the flowers is?


So here we are at the end of April, out in the hinterlands of Northern Illinois.  Baseball is in full swing, the Cubs are above 500., and both the Bulls, and the Blackhawks are in their respective playoffs.  Oh, and it hasn’t snowed for at least 3 days now!

Life in our little hamlet goes on.

Dodged some major weather a week or so back….folks just to our southeast/east of us were not so lucky. An F4 tornado took out a restaurant and a few miles further down the road, another little farming community. It cut quite the swath, by the grace of God, only two people lost their lives.  There have been, and are, ongoing acts of kindness and charity to provide assistance and help to all who were impacted by this storm, from all parts of our county, and from all corners of the state as well.  Makes one feel a bit better about (at least the local version of) humanity.

Life in our little hamlet goes on.

You may have noticed, there is no political commentary, or observations, of either the State or national level anywhere in this post so far.  Yes, I am still an election judge, as long as they see fit to allow me to do so.  And our local exercising of the franchise goes on with no worries about hanging chads or folks voting multiple times…or from the great beyond.  Aside from that, don’t know when I will post about such goings on, at least at the  State/National level.

Frankly, it all flat pisses me off.  No…more than that…it .. the whole mess, from all three branches of government…at all levels beyond the local…they are corrupted beyond repair.  “They”, and there are exceptions, but they are getting harder to find, are all the same.  No longer legitimately looking out for their constituents and or the welfare of this once great nation, they are only looking to either advance the agenda(s) of those who “bought them out” or of their respective political overlords (upper level party hacks) , or to do what is best for themselves.

And to all of them, the Constitution….is a joke.

Our borders are … a joke.

Our (pick any one or all) amendment “rights”… are a joke

Our civilization crumbles around us.  Fueled by the willful ignorance of an ever increasing number of it’s supposed members. And the “any excuse is good enough” mentality which saw Ferguson Mo. go up in flames, and now sees Baltimore heading in the same direction. (Though I will grant, in the case of Baltimore, at it appears they may have some justification for at least protesting….but if they are going to riot…why are they attacking innocent people…and not taking their chances against the agents of the State who ALLEGEDLY caused the concern they are supposedly protesting, in the first place?)

An aging olympiad sauntering towards a sex-change garners massive media attention, while those in power are degrading our ability to prevent (via military and diplomatic means) or at least avert for now, the eruption of war at various “hot spots” around the globe.  And we, for the most part, the public at large…are blissfully unaware as to what is really going on.

Nero isn’t fiddling…he’s using a damn flame thrower.

I have become uncomfortably numb…and it’s better for my health (physical and mental) to focus on what is going on here at home.

I think, from beyond  the grave, the founding fathers are no longer spinning at a high rate of rpms.  They are giving us all the collective finger.   And I can’t say as I blame them.

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Short thoughts on the SCOTUS Obamacare decision

The following was penned by my oldest. Of my three sons, he is perhaps the most conservative of the bunch. With all the gnashing of teeth, and wringing of hands due to the Supreme Court deciding as they did on the ACA (and I admit I was gnashing and wringing with the best of them), Stephen is of the opinion, Chief Justice Roberts did exactly the correct thing, in getting it called a “tax”, and thus ruling on such.

I will not break down what is essentially his post, here. He has said much that I agree with, but the’re a few things I would take issue with. This will be done after I have read the opinions and (perhaps) the dissent. For now, read what a young, college educated, take is on this mess. I shall forward any comments to him (though I am sure he’ll willingly rebut in the comments as well).

Short thoughts on the SCOTUS Obamacare decision

Early today, SCOTUS ruled 5-4 that Obamacare was constitutional. Chief Justice Roberts was the swing vote, and in his affirmation wrote that it was in fact legal based on Congress’ duty to hand out taxes. As a conservative, I cannot necessarily argue with him. As someone who does not agree with almost everything the current President has done, I cannot find fault with their argument that the individual mandate was in fact a tax and not a penalty.

Roberts believes that the constitution should be read as a historical document. A list of laws meaning the same thing now as at the time it was written (and amended), not a twisting-turning living document, and it was this premise that led to him voting in favor of Obama and his law. He did exactly what President Bush nominated him to do; continue the practice of reading the letter of the law. On that, I applaud Roberts. The argument of a tax was how the Administration argued their case, and the tax is how they won the day.

It is now Congress’ power to tax Americans (those that actually pay taxes, that is) for anything that they see fit. No longer will Americans be able to choose their financial destiny. If you do not drive, why shouldn’t you have to pay a penalty for not having car insurance? If you do not own a home, why then wouldn’t you have to pay for home insurance? If you do not own a firearm, why then wouldn’t you purchase ammo? Whenever the Government needs more money to support a specific program, get ready to empty your pockets that much more for funding more for others that choose not to fund their own lives.

It used to be that American was a land of choices and personal responsibility. Those days, according to the Supreme Court have ended. That is simply one part of this decision.

The main part of today’s decision are the political ramifications that will come. Obama and Friends spent the entire debate of this health care law explaining how the individual mandate was in fact NOT a tax, but a penalty. It was to be the first time in American history that Americans will be penalized for not purchasing a product they do not choose to have. That was the first slap in the face to those citizens who have made a choice for themselves. Further, Obama himself ran his campaign on not raising taxes on the middle class. This gigantic taxation that will fund the HCA will now fall on the shoulders of who? That’s right, the middle class (and the others who actually pay taxes). Now, all Americans (who pay taxes) have been given a collective hypocritical slap in the face.

So who will have to pay for their health care? Who will be able to receive free government sanctioned health care? Will the poor have to pay individual mandate taxes? If the answer to the latter is “no”, then how is that fundamentally fair for those who pay in, but yet see no benefit? Does Joe Wilson’s “you lie” outburst become true when it is found that illegals will find their way to reap the benefits of this new law?

Even with the passage of the bill, which was done under a cloak of secrecy, even the debate of the law through the courts, the American people have been lied to and deceived. The devil is in the details and this law still provides more questions than answers. Obama and Friends will now have to tap dance around over the next 4 months prior to the election to explain why they have now slapped the majority of the country with an enormous tax burden.
It used to be that SIN taxes were a loop hole in which to tax unhealthy choices for the betterment of the general public, but only on a state level. One could argue whether or not these taxes are regressive, or even fair on a utilitarian approach, but these taxes are a state’s issue: now that power has been granted to the Congress. What will be next?

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