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Top Ten Peeves of a Harbor-ish Nature

1. Anyone whose actions have the potential to harm (specifically) me or my family and friends. In the broader sense, have the potential to harm anyone. In this case, drivers who feel they have a rendezvous with destiny, requiring them to drive like a bat outta hell. Swerving in and out of traffic, on a 4 lane interstate (two lanes both ways), or a two lane county road. We are not even talking about road rage here, just drivers being rude to the point of placing their needs above all others on the road.

2. “Canned” music in grocery, department, or any other, stores. Especially when you work there, and have to hear the same music over and over and over … again. Maybe the store won’t (or can’t) change the channel, but the folks who feed the music in could update their tunes at least once a month? Come on! There is enough “contemporary (adult) pop” out there which would allow for some sort of rotation to be done.

3. Having music which you grew up with being played in the stores via the above. If I may borrow from her Majesty, The Queen, “We are not only NOT old enough to have our cherished tunes of youth bandied about the muzac-al airwaves, WE are NOT amused!”

4. It is high time to declare “Zero Tolerance” on any person, group, agency, or place, which practices or honors “Zero Tolerance”! (Yes, Public Schools at all grade levels, I am speaking to you!)

5. I don’t care what political party you chose to follow and or believe in. I don’t care which political party my local, state, and federal elected office holders belong to. All I ask is all of you adhere to the guidelines and specific restrictions applicable to you, as called out in the Constitution. Is that too much to ask? We can debate your pluses and minuses after we at least agree to honor that charter which allows you to hold office in the first place.

6. The only hyphenated word I want to see, is one which is required by Webster’s to be there. (Okay, Oxford qualifies as well.) In my world, there is no such thing as a hyphenated American. You either is an American, or you isn’t!

7. Enough with “The War On …” (fill in the blank) already! We no longer seem to be able to fight a “real” war with any sort of clear-cut sense of either what the real cost to us all is going to be, or with any concrete objective(s). If we are going to fight a “War on Terror”, than let’s address the real issues/culprits, and go about eliminating same…or not fight at all. This is also true for the pseudo wars, on drugs, on crime, on poverty, (you get the drift) either we do what is needed to eliminate “the core issue/problem/concern”, or realize there is no “real fix”, or find another solution. Cause what we have now, in all cases above, isn’t working.

8. Smarmy newscasters. Don’t care what side of the political spectrum gives you a tingle up or down your leg. Keep your opinions to the editorial comment part of the show. When it is time for the news, or an interview, keep your damn opinions to yourself. Oh, and how about a little fact checking, and objective information from both sides of any given issue (no nutjobs from either side). Let the listening/viewing/reading public have the facts (you do remember those don’t you “Who, WHat, Why, When, Where, and How) and we will decide for our own damn selves about how we should address or react to the news.

9. Political Correctness. Let me put this as gently as I can. Unless I have personally slandered you or your family, or caused you harm by my words, than STFU! If I tell an off-color joke, or happen to expound on the many faults of Islam (for example), or something else which offends your delicate sensibilities, too bad. Now I may be a bore for doing so in various places and at various times, but enough with the thin skin already! (Palin leaping on the use of “retard” comes to mind, as a prime example of political correctness…and of being thin-skinned. And I like a lot of her stances. Just goes to show this toxic mind mush can effect anyone.)

10. “Compassionate Conservatism” People, People, People!!! You are either compassionate or you are not (granted, it can, and does, vary by degree on a person by person basis). It has nothing to do with your political view. This is little more than one side admitting to the other, they were right all along. Conservatives, as a rule, were NOT compassionate…that there was a problem in “our camp”. Individual compassion will be expressed, and known to those parties involved, or at the very least (if done anonymously) between the compassionate one and their God. And that is, and should be, more than enough.

And there is my “Top 10 List of Peeves”. Thanks Aggie! See what happens when you get me started?


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