Three Faces of Evil

Many of us have been watching events unfold since the tragic shootings occurred out in Arizona. For the past couple of days I have been debating on whether or not I was going to say anything about this.

But after watching the following, things became a lot clearer. My own take follows after the video.

All I can say about the above, is thank you Scott, Steve, and Bill. You are all exactly on the mark with this one. Keep on fighting the good fight, take heart in knowing you are most assuredly NOT alone.

Frankly, up until now, nothing came readily to mind which either had not been said before, or said better, than my feeble bit of wordsmithing would be able to produce. There was also a number of concurrent forces at work when trying to take in what exactly was (and is) going on. All of this tends to muddy (intentionally or otherwise) what is really happening in the days and weeks after one crazed individual acted on what ever events were taking place in his own private hell.

First we have the reality of what happened. A lone, mentally unbalanced individual took to the streets, and when he felt ready, opened fire on a crowd of folks. Within the span of a few short minutes he had taken the lives of six people. A sitting US Congresswoman was also shot, and critically wounded. Amazingly, she is expected to live, although at this point her effecting a complete recovery is known but to her and God. The shooter is currently in custody.

It is suspected the young man is mentally unbalanced. To what degree and in what fashion or fashions would have to be addressed by someone with at least one degree in psychology. This ol’ retired Sailor would simply call him “fucking nuts” and be done with it. It has also been alleged this same young man was not acting out of character. That he was not the stereo-typical “Why he seemed so quiet.” or “He was always so polite, and always on time for his classes.”, kind of guy. Bits and pieces of information (not validated by myself) being reported, indicate he was a mental accident waiting to happen. It should also be noted, he had been known about in Law Enforcement circles, yet (for as of yet unexplained reasons) formal charges were never followed through on.

Secondly, there is the media (of all stripes) going after what legitimately would be considered a national story. “A Sitting US Congresswoman Was Shot in Arizona.” In and of itself, this is their job, to report on events such as these. You might not like the old adage of “If it bleeds, it leads.” but for the most part, that was true. So the media leaping into this with both feet (or, if you prefer, cloven hooves) was not unexpected. However, this is where one of the lines in the sand is supposed to hold these folks in check. The line of “fact checking” and “objectivity”. For what ever the reasons, these two little items, once a mainstay of (at least) the newsrooms of the print media and to a lesser extent, radio and television “reporting”, were not even given a “wink and a nod”. Those puppies were flat out ignored.

Sadly, this is nothing new, add to the mix, all the opinion pieces and editorials, and you have a perfect stew of inaccuracies, innuendo, lies, and liable. All aimed at … not the perpetrator of the events which transpired in Arizona … but at conservatives, “right-wing media pundits and talk show personalities”, and favorite agendas (gun control, “hate speech”, and the “fairness doctrine”, to name a few) which could be made to “dove tail” into their narrative. The stage was set, once “politics” and agendas were thrown into the fray (instead of focusing on the events and facts on hand), for the third ring of this three ringed circus to come into play.

The politicians.

At almost the same time as the media was espousing “their take” on what the “underlying causes” might be, in this “potential national crisis”; the politicians stepped in. Amazingly enough, they echoed what many in the media were saying. If someone was of a more cynical nature than I, you might even suspect the politicians and the media of being in bed with each other. To be fair, there was the “heartfelt remarks of consolation” to the families who had lost loved ones. And all expressed hope their fellow member of the federal legislature would recover from her grievous wounds. But once the perfunctory (or perhaps more properly stated, obligatory) statements were scarcely out of their mouths (or scrolled by on the tele-prompters), the attack in ernest, began.

Forgotten were the facts, ignored was the very civility being bemoaned as having been lost (by “the other side” of course). Instead of being mindful of the grief which at least six families were going through, and the anguish and anxiety a seventh family was dealing with while their loved one was fighting for her life, in the hospital, they all went and prayed at the alter of political expediency.

And so you have as the late Rod Serling would have said:

“Picture if you will. Before you on display, are three pictures … portraits of the same being. However each has a flavor uniquely its own. The first is a cacophony of garish colors, splattered without regard to any reasonable expectation of what might be considered normal. It violates the senses, in that just beyond the seeming chaos there is the fleeting view of something malignant, even diabolic, in nature. The second appears, at first blush, to be quite normal. A reasonable figure, dressed in current fashion of the day … but for the eyes … they are the windows to a non-existant soul. Or at least one which is no longer there, having been sold for access to Olympus or perhaps a seat at Caligula’s latest debauchery. And our final viewing. It is a mound, a mound of flesh. It is “seated” at a trough, in the act of consuming all which is placed before it. Much like the second painting, the eyes are black … empty … soulless. But whereas the second portrait paints a picture of one who has slipped into evil, perhaps duped into believing they were acting in good faith, to provide the people with access to “the truth”, the third portrait shows one who was always, in their heart of hearts, only interested in themselves and what could be gained for them at the expense of others. This evil was always there, it was only a matter of time.

And so fellow traveler, there you have it. Three faces of evil on display, for your viewing pleasure. React in any manner you so chose; avert your eyes, laugh and blithely (pretend) to ignore that which is so keenly in focus before you, or perhaps turn away in disgust and leave, hoping someone else, made of sterner stuff, will take a torch to this offensive display. But understand this; the three faces of evil will not go away unwillingly. Nor will they passively hang on the wall or reside on their easel. They will find their way to your homes, your businesses, your places of worship and recreation, they will make inroads in all of these, as they aspire to their real goal. Your hearts, your minds, your souls. They will not stop, until vanquished by the collective greater good of man, for they do not reside here in “The Twilight Zone”, but in the bright light of day, in the real world … your world. Ignore them at your peril.”

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