GOP Core Values…because if we change the words a bit…maybe you’ll come back.

It’s time for some more tom-foolery from our friends at the GOP!

Yes, I received an email (unsolicited) from the Grand Old Party today. It seems they have “based on my feedback”, “compiled a list of what it means to be a Republican”.

That I haven’t directly talked with, texted, or mailed (e-mail or otherwise) any “feedback” to any individual member of said party, or to the party itself, I am assuming they are qualifying that statement as being “feedback received from their membership at large”, and not any one particular individual.

So let’s take a look at the “New and Improved” ™ “ GOP “Core Values”!!

“I believe that our:

County is exceptional

(Oh, I see, you left out) “…but not for long. “ There, fixed it for you. As based on the actions of most of the senior members of the GOP in the house and senate, this would certainly be the case.

Leaders should serve people, not special interests.

First of all, are there any members of the GOP who qualify as leaders? And not just folks who have either put in enough time so they are now “entitled” to senior positions in either the house, senate, or upper echelons of the party. Or are boot lickers who have “worked their way up (?) into positions of authority”, if only because they know where all the skeletons are buried

Of course the “serve people”….however, it seems, more often than not, they are serving the interests of people from “across the aisle”, vice either their constituents, or on a national level, the best interests of the GOP platform/ national interests. (Anyone remember a time when at least a large percentage of the GOP elected officialdom would have said “Illegal Alien” vice “Undocumented Alien”…followed closely behind with “Securing the border(s)” vice “amnesty”? Yeah, it has been quite some time here too. And even if they did…how did they end up voting on this issue?)

You may not have to have as big and brassy a pair like General Patton, but it would be (or at least it used to be a requirement) nice if you at least had a pair to call your own…assuming you wanted to be a leader. And, of course, the special interest groups are not in and of themselves a bad thing (the NRA. FRA, and others come to mind). It is a way for various folks who share a common ground to help get their voices heard. And this is as true for progressives as it is to those of us who are either more conservative in nature, or at the very least more beholding to the (alleged) governing framework we have in place otherwise known as “The Constitution”.

Which brings us to …

Constitution should be honored, valued, and upheld.

I have become cynical enough to almost expect any Democrat in office, and especially those of a strong liberal/progressive bent, to pay lip service to the above only when it is politically expedient to do so. Even then, I would understand it is only that, lip service. But in the last eight years or so (and even longer if you count the Clinton and Carter terms of office.) there have been some chirps coming from the GOP…but mostly silence… concerning the almost too many to count abuses put forth by the current administration.

“They” got Nixon for his part in Watergate…perhaps even more so for his (alleged) cover up(s) involving same (and or folks involved with it).

For almost the past eight years, we have at least one, and very possibly many more individuals, up to and including the current President, who are, at the very least, guilty of “High crimes and Misdemeanors”, and at the most treason. Yet all we hear from the GOP regarding same…crickets chirping.

This one and the last one go together hand in glove. No balls = no (real) leader(ship) = failure to truly honor, value, and uphold the Constitution.

Families should be strong and free from government intrusion.

Don’t know what the GOP (or any other party) has to do with families being strong…but it sure do sound pretty don’t it. Impose mandatory fitness standards perhaps?

Now “Free from government intrusion” I can understand. And I could see the GOP getting behind that….err….except they have not done a damn thing while having control of either the house or senate, to say…reduce/ change the current tax system. (Talk about your government intrusion…the IRS is right up there!!) Or perhaps stop fighting a “war on drugs” which they either are not serious about “winning”….or know in their heart of hearts it is “unwinnable”. And all the thousands upon thousands of laws now on the books which potentially set up almost everyone to become a felon, without really trying.

It seems to me the Dems want to get into every aspect of your life, and your pocket book….the GOP wants to get into your pocketbook, and your bedroom.

And how about the smoking laws. Ya can’t smoke in a bar??!!!! Okay, I won’t smoke in YOUR bar…I will go and open one of my own which allows one to drink and smoke at the same time, in the same place. What?? Can’t I do that? Naaa…the GOP never sided with the Dems on this one…..never in a million years. Dictating what a business owner can and can’t do? Same with men only clubs….and various private clubs and institutions. They have caved before, and it seems they will cave again. Free from government intrusion my rosy red butt!

Hmmm….does anyone else besides me see a trend developing here??

Institution of traditional marriage is the foundation of society.

Ok, I happen to personally believe in this. BUT…. I don’t want my political party (whichever it may be) to be traipsing into matters of religion. That worked so well with abortion … and is working so well with the LGBT agenda(s). (Need I add a “sarc tag” after that?)

That the real issue with the current gay marriage kerfuffle is not one of getting married, rather one of forcing those institutions who believe their sacrament of marriage is not something to be sanctioned out to any group or couple other than a man and a woman … to include US too. This is not out of a legitimate sense of being excluded, but of willfully tearing down said institutions …[traditional] Christianity is bad … we must change it so it conforms to what WE want. Or get rid of this pesky morality altogether.

Healthcare decisions should be made by us and our doctors.

“Right after you fill out this form, and let us know if there is anyone in your home that is mean to you. Oh, does anyone own a firearm in your home?”  These are some of the questions one may be asked on your next visit to the docs or the ER.

I know the GOP believes in this core value…that is why they allowed passage of Obamacare. What on earth makes you believe they are going to start adhering to their “platform” now?

Paychecks should not be wasted on poorly run government programs.

So if they are managed properly…then we can count on our paychecks being wasted on them?
And by definition, aren’t just about all government programs poorly run? Name me one that could not be run better, cheaper, or if not cheaper at least more cost effective.

And yes, I noticed “Paychecks” has replaced “taxes”. Or are they saying, very soon, all your paycheck shall belong to us.

Military must be strong and prepared to defend our shores.

A couple of things here. In this day and age, should not “our national interests”, when necessary, call for us to power project well beyond our shoreline? And be it defending our shores, backing an ally (Israel, for example), or defending our national interests abroad, should we not train our troops, Sailors, and Airmen to win?? And not impose “rules of engagement” which prevents same. Or not have the (political) will to do what it takes to “win” in the first place?

Culture should respect and protect life.

So, by the above statement, the GOP (and by extension the federal government) is going to dictate to the entertainment media what is acceptable in meeting this “core value”? You can not do this and be faithfully adhering to the constitution. Some would argue we should have the government set acceptable standards. Wouldn’t it be better if we left this to the various religious outlets? Oh wait, we keep stepping on their toes. You can’t (even if it is acceptable by the majority of that community, or school, or sporting event) have general religious standards (Giving thanks to God before your team takes the field, for example, or allowing for a nativity scene to be set up on “community” property, or the ten commandments being placed in a courthouse.).  In short, the acknowledgment of the Judeo-Christian ethos being a part of the nation’s founding fabric. No one specific church being singled out, but a general reinforcement of what is being supposedly espoused from any number of pulpits and other places of worship throughout the week. Perhaps this would at least begin to “strengthen the culture”.

You want to respect and protect life, allow that aspect of our nature to be reminded from time to time outside of one’s formal attendance at their house of worship.  Nothing compulsory, but being “a predominantly Christian Nation” should not make the public display of same something which has to be fought over.  Especially if it is consensual, if involving a group.  (Most polls taken claim something between 70-90%  polled attest to being Christian.  I suspect if you add the various flavors of Judaism into the mix, the percentage would be even higher.)

Now if we are masking the real intent here…and that would be to remove the legalization of abortion, or to at least restrict the window of opportunity for same to something much less than it is now.  Then at least have the balls (There are those pesky testes again!) to come out and say as much.  And let’s have an honest discussion about same.  Let’s set a limit, a window on it.  Hell, let’s go a step further and “value, respect and protect” the life of all the unborn babies out there, after that “window” has closed, making it a case of homicide if any are “aborted” afterwards. But stop tap dancing around the issue. You are either serious about it or you are not.

Children should never be left in failing schools.

Damn, don’t you check the rooms before you lock the doors at night?

Hmm,  perhaps starting with the abolishment of the Department of Education being a great step in the right direction.  Allowing local (city, township, wards, parishes) to set their own criteria, and or, standards. Kinda what was done up until the beginning of the last century…seemed to work okay for the country up until then.  Abolish the teacher’s union(s). Take the pension funds out of the hands of the state(s). Naaaa, that would never work!  Of course, the GOP will come up with some sort of program, federally funded (and then de-funded when the Dems assume control of the house).  And the real losers at the end of the day will be the kids.

Veterans should have the best care and opportunities in the world.

I assume they are referring to medical care (physical and mental) here. But what is this “opportunities” they speak of?  You mean something which you would receive after completing at least one enlistment with honorable service? Hmmm…something that covers at least the cost of your college courses/trade school fees for say…four years or so. Oh, you might still have to work to keep a roof over your head, and put food on the table, but at least the schooling is “free”.  And if you do well enough to earn a scholarship then you have the monies go into your pocket for the remainder of the time allowed for you to (hopefully) complete your degree/certification?  We used to have that, back in the years immediately following Viet Nam (and WWII and Korea) they called it “The GI Bill”.  Wonder what happened to it?  Oh yeah, it morphed into any number of different plans and options.  None of which was as easy to negotiate, or as uncomplicated as the original.

Or are you talking about preferential hiring of vets?  Thought that was already in place for government jobs.  Also thought there were tax and other incentives for the private sector to do the same.   So what other opportunities are being implied here?   Or is this just another rather nebulous piece of fluff designed to make GOP’ers feel good, and not really meaning anything at all.

Social programs should help lift people out of poverty.

My how Great Society we are sounding now.  What about we look at what is keeping a lot of folks at the poverty level and work to alleviate that? Break the chain of poverty, if you will. (If such a thing is even possible.)  Perhaps we stop paying out when you have so many kids, with no idea who the father is, and no desire to get any sort of training to get yourself off the poverty merry-go-round.

America should be energy independent.

Grow a pair and call the current administration to account…..stop buying into all the green bs and allow those who produce the energy to do so…and we will be, in very short order.

I saved one of the first ones on this list for the final entry because, after all the above, I think this is where it belongs.

Government should be smaller, smarter, and more efficient.

This, in one form or another, has been at the core of the GOP platform, for at least the last 60 years, if not more.  And in all this time, through Republican administrations, Republican control of either or both houses, along with an always positive response to this particular “plank”, they have never really been serious about it.  Not once.  Ok, perhaps a much younger Newt Gingrich worked on pushing in this direction, but at the end of the day….like a tumor gone wild…the cancer which is DC and it’s DNA, the federal government, continues to grow.

And grow…

And grow…..

Here is a short list of what should be your real core values, GOP.

Close the borders….send everyone who is not in possession of the proper documentation across the border (north or south doesn’t matter). If we are in need of migrant workers…let those folks in who meet the requirements and have at it.

Adhere to the Constitution. Hold all who do not do so to the fire. File charges and or Impeach as required by said Constitution.

Do your damn jobs to the best of your ability.

Grow a pair!!!!

If you follow the above, you will go along way toward meeting much of the supposed “Core Values” you spewed forth in your little email.

Or continue on the path you are on, and watch your party….and the country dissolve and crumble before your greedy, power hungry, corrupted little eyes.

Because most of this country, at least those who would have given you the benefit of the doubt…have long since left your tent.  Trusting neither you, or your progressive partners across the aisle.   And this, yet another thinly disguised attempt at getting money, will end up the same as the last one you sent me…like your political promises, and your rhetoric, and your (supposed) leadership abilities….empty.


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2 responses to “GOP Core Values…because if we change the words a bit…maybe you’ll come back.

  1. Thanks for your effort on this. I know it was painful (that nagging need to state the obvious always is).

    • Not so much painful, as it is annoying. I mean this in the sense of; you keep trying to define yourself as something/someone which I would be interested in investing time, energy, and especially (surprise!!) my money. And if you keep on changing your pitch just a little bit, perhaps I will “bite”. Well, this kid has been around the block a few times, and I find it not only somewhat patronizing, but out and out disingenuous.

      Their actions, or at the very least, the actions of the party leadership, have been anything but “traditional” Republican. And I am easy enough if they said they were going to lean more toward the center or even the left to achieve the amount of members in Congress and the Senate needed to be able to pass legislation which would be of a “traditional nature”. But the fact is, they HAVE got the numbers (or very nearly that) to make the effort to bring this country at least to the center, if not to the right of same. And they refuse to act. To oppose the executive orders, to begin and hold impeachment hearings…not only against the POS in the oval office, but any number of his cabinet members, and other senior officials (of both parties). That there is not a drop of testicular fortitude in the lot of them….well…I am done hoping for anything approaching a return to “respecting, honoring, and valuing the Constitution, our rule of law, and our support towards our legitimate friends and allies overseas.

      I know Og (at least used to) feels otherwise, that we need to vote and do the “incrementalism of change” which our adversaries have been so very good at. If the whole damn system wasn’t so far gone…I would be prone to agree. (And even so, I will still be out there come election time…it is something ingrained in me…being a part of it … that I wasn’t able to fully partake of for so many years, while in the service. BUT I don’t have to like the choices presented…and I don’t have to (or more correctly, no longer chose to) buy into the bs spewed by ALL the cretins running for office.

      Ah well, it would appear that the science for achieving either near faster than light and or “warp speeds” seems to be something no longer in the realm of science fiction…perhaps it is not too late to think about homesteading on some new rock.

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