He would have been 83 today.

Most likely there would have been a family gathering, perhaps a roast, or if warm enough, steaks on the grill. The usual discussions would have taken place, about weather…family…jobs…sports. And of course, he would have a scotch in his hand, a smile on his face, and a cigar at the ready (to be lit up outside, after dinner).

Happy Birthday Dad, those of us still down here in the rat race still remember. And still miss you. You left a bigger void than you may have known or suspected. Your shoes still much too big to be filled.


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2 responses to “He would have been 83 today.

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. I know that days like anniversaries and holidays are the worst, and though time removes some of the sting the ache never goes away. You will meet again.

    My best regards to you, GuyS

    • It was ten years ago, this last Jan 2nd, that he left this plane for another. I have every reason to believe he is in a better place. And now that Spring Training has started, I am sure there is a smile on his face, as he looks down upon his son and grandson, knowing we are going to be wearing our “Cubbie” hearts on our sleeves, yet again. (Though this year at least they have a legit excuse … honest rebuilding.) Plus dad has the best seats for the game … just down the aisle from Ron Santo.

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